County commission sets proposed rates and fees for next year


During their July 13 meeting, the Alachua County Commission voted to set rates on various taxes and fees for the next fiscal year.

The Solid Waste assessment rates will remain the same next year.

The Fire Assessment fee will be raised from $83.34 to $90.69 for Tier 1 and from $7.63 to $8.31 for Tier 2. The rates have remained flat for four years. Part of the additional revenue will go to pay for the two newest fire stations.

Stormwater Assessment rates will remain the same next year. Commissioner Marihelen Wheeler said they should consider raising the rates so they can do more to respond to flooding issues, but the deadline for raising it for this year has already passed, so this may come up again later this year. 

The property tax millage rate for the County’s General Fund will be reduced from 7.8935 to 7.8662, and the Law Enforcement MSTU millage will remain at 3.5678. Because of an increase in property values, both of these represent increases in the dollar amount of taxes on property owners. The rolled back millage rate, which would raise the same dollar amount as the previous year, given the increase in property values, would have been 7.5914 mills. The rate can still be reduced, but it can’t be increased over the proposed rate.

All votes were 4-0, with Commission Mary Alford absent.

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