County Commissioner Mary Alford to resign


The Gainesville Sun is reporting that Mary Alford plans to resign from the county commission after Sun News Editor Andrew Caplan investigated her residency in her district. A similar investigation into Chair Marihelen Wheeler found that she “splits her time” between a house she shares with her husband (which is in Ken Cornell’s district) and a bedroom she shares with a baby at her son’s home in her district. The article concluded that the arrangement “may provide legal cover.”

However, after Caplan’s investigation found that Alford claims a homestead exemption on a house in east Gainesville (also in Cornell’s district), Alford told the Sun, “I am going through the process of what I need to do to resign from office. I realize I’m not doing the right thing, and I don’t like being a person who doesn’t do the right thing.”

Alford told the Sun she has been living in the east Gainesville property to care for a relative and that she stayed longer at the home than initially expected.

Depending on when she actually resigns, the seat may now be on the August 23 ballot.

  • Verrry interesting! Both her and Wheeler have used opportunity to represent voters in areas that they truly have not lived in. Now I know why my Covid and other concerns have not been adequately addressed by our County Commission. We don’t have a legitimate representative.

    • Covid is over…they need to put Corrine Brown back
      In jail to finish out her sentence.

  • I think every seat should be investigated as to residency further after McGraw debacle. Good for reporter finding this evidence!

    • Amazing that the Gainesville Sun has a true investigative reporter on staff still! I had no idea… Kudos to Mr. Caplan for doing that important job.

    • Most of these posing posters are living Gainesville Sun Wall Street Lie…why land that plane?

  • Not reporting your violation in due time is a violation of law. We don’t need to hear you had a rough year. Leave office immediately and do not run again for public office, either that, or go to jail. And the Gainesville Sun should use its resources to do things that matter to its readers. Let’s find out who’s in compliance or not with regards to the upcoming elections before they get elected and say they didn’t know about the new city district boundaries.

    • She knew or should have known. Criminal
      Charges should be filed and she should never be
      Able to run for public office again!

      • They need to make an example out of her and McGraw too and because the charges are criminal,
        They should have to pay for their own legal defense,
        Not the taxpayers… “ what a tangled web they weaved when they practice to deceive”… how do we
        Get the SAO to file the charges?

        • The need to be telling it to the judge and a jury must decide…they had criminal intent. They stole
          The election like what Brandon did.

          • taxpayer dollars = darker comedy (free DeepState ego trip and WeatherModification Hurricane Season Coming Soon to a GovernmentalSkySprayCrimeTeamNearYou)

  • Someone should pay a few bucks to get Wheeler’s location data and see where she’s been staying, like they did in 2000 Mules.

    • That’s a great idea! She must use a government phone – public records request the data !

      • You can public information request their location data
        On her government phone or do you need a court
        Warrant for that? The SAO should be doing that as part of the evidence against them in their criminal cases.

      • Now that I think about it, you’d probably want to request the location data at her supposed residence with the baby in the room. You would be able to see all the devices coming and going there over a period of time, like 30 days or whatever. Businesses sell it relatively inexpensively, but it may or may not be public records requestable. Look on Google for buy location data. You could also get the location data for her other residence with her husband, to remove all doubt.

  • Her positions are so Dem Boilerplate it makes me wonder if she ran for office just to make connections for her struggling business? And now that she’s done that, she can reap rewards like the Bidens and Pelosis do, albeit at a much smaller local level. Now someone else can step in her place and click Replay.

      • A small sustainable design and building biz. It should be popular nowadays thanks to GRU and Bidenflation, so maybe she’ll go back to that. Many people go into politics to help a stagnating business or get leads for an NGO job later.

  • The next plant of the month can be the houseplant Calathea. It is a symbol of a new beginning.
    This meaning comes from the English saying ‘to turn over a new leaf’, which is what the plant does in the dark. This symbolism makes this an extra special gift.

    Alachua County has the opportunity to have a new beginning, let’s not bury it.

  • The state needs to conduct an investigation and determine exactly when she discovered she was living in the incorrect district. If she’s known for a while, which she probably has, make her pay back the taxpayers’ monies she defrauded them.

    Where’s Herr Sexton’s public announcement?

  • No wonder they’re against single member districts. Just put them all in one district and let the city vote for the rest of the county residents.

    All you liberals, how’s that equal representation working for you?

    • Hey dumbass. Liberal supporter of SMDs here. The comments on this story are so completely ignorant and uninformed. It’s like the bully pulpit of Trump has been enshrined in in the redneck bible.

      • You’re so bright…well at least you’ve got enough sense to support SMDs. Uninformed? The Democrat leadership is against SMDs. Why do you think they’ve taken trips to Tallahassee to try and prevent it from going to the voters? They’re afraid of losing their power.

        If you can’t recognize that without someone pointing it out for you, you may want to look in the mirror before you start calling people who appear to have more knowledge than you do, a dumbass.

        Especially if you voted these types of individuals to be your representative.

  • Why don’t the Taxpayers of Alachua County Demand reimbursment from McGraw, Mary Alford and any other illegal office holders salaries , at a minimum? Finacial consequences because of their votes as well?
    For once hold them incompentent Supervisor of elections accountable . How can she still be in charge?

    • I’m demanding reimbursement and criminal charges.
      Captainshad: forward your excellent request to the SAO.

  • That’s 3 elected officials, local I might add, who have misrepresented themselves as being eligible to represent the district they reportedly serve.

    Who is responsible for verifying eligibility? If it’s the SOE, she may need to reevaluate the procedures in place.

  • Free Kim Barton to do whatever she wants to do to scam lifelong!

  • I find it extremely ironic that someone who repeatedly reminded everyone how smart she was with her advanced degrees, etc did not know she was not in compliance. No one “accidently” homesteads a property, it is done intentionally. I have no doubt that she would never had resigned without this investigation. Wheeler should do the same if she has any shred of a conscience. It is obvious now why they all opposed the single member district proposal.

  • Homestead exemption should be where you live if you own property and you claim it as a tax break from the rest of us citizens. Fine but you live where your tax says you live.

  • Too bad this couldn’t have been released after the upcoming elections, Governor DeSantis could have utilized his executive powers and replaced both of them.

    Someone mentioned an announcement from the PR staff. Has there been an official statement yet?

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