County Commissioner Mary Alford to resign


The Gainesville Sun is reporting that Mary Alford plans to resign from the county commission after Sun News Editor Andrew Caplan investigated her residency in her district. A similar investigation into Chair Marihelen Wheeler found that she “splits her time” between a house she shares with her husband (which is in Ken Cornell’s district) and a bedroom she shares with a baby at her son’s home in her district. The article concluded that the arrangement “may provide legal cover.”

However, after Caplan’s investigation found that Alford claims a homestead exemption on a house in east Gainesville (also in Cornell’s district), Alford told the Sun, “I am going through the process of what I need to do to resign from office. I realize I’m not doing the right thing, and I don’t like being a person who doesn’t do the right thing.”

Alford told the Sun she has been living in the east Gainesville property to care for a relative and that she stayed longer at the home than initially expected.

Depending on when she actually resigns, the seat may now be on the August 23 ballot.


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