County Emergency Order Encourages PPE Use

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Commission issued an Emergency Order encouraging residents to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in public.

The Order states:

  • All persons outside their homes are encouraged to wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines, including cloth masks. Persons choosing to use masks are encouraged to review and comply with the CDC and Florida Department of Health guidelines on personal protective equipment. Persons should not utilize N95 rated masks, as those are critical supplies for health care workers, police, fire, emergency management, or other persons engaged in life/safety activities.
  • The provisions of this Order shall serve as minimum standards. Municipalities may impose more stringent standards within their jurisdictions, as permitted by law.

Read the complete Emergency Order.

  • If I only have one mask and it is N95 rated and I wear it in public, will I be arrested? Please let me know, Dictator/Leader Hutch. If I have t wait in line at Publix because of the Hutch math challenged “I can only divide by 1000” BS I will darn well wear a N95 mask if I have one. Saving myself from Hutch lines makes me a “person engaged in life/safety activities”.
    And when will tomorrow’s variation of this emergency order be posted, Hutch, this afternoon or tomorrow morning? So hard to keep up. $1500/week of taxpayer salary for Hutch to stay home and invent ways to mess with the people. Sad.

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