County Seeks West Lawn Art Ideas

Press release from Alachua County

Alachua County is soliciting ideas for the West Lawn Art, located at the S.E. corner of University and Main Street at the County Administration Building, on an existing 12′ x 12′ concrete slab. The winner’s submittal would be the inspiration for a Call to Artist for an artist to fabricate and install the art. Those who submit ideas are excluded from applying for the Call to Artist to fabricate and install the art. The winner will be awarded $1,000.

Ideas must be submitted online by Friday, August 14, 2020.

Ideas should not honor a person or historical event, but should be visually appealing and interesting. Submittals should be limited to one page, uploaded as a PDF document. While text to describe the art is acceptable, sketches are preferred.

Submitted ideas will be shortlisted to the top three at the Alachua County Arts Council’s September 7 meeting, which will then be forwarded to the County Commission for final approval.

For more information, contact Alachua County Assistant County Manager/Chief of Staff Gina Peebles at 352-538-8265 or gpeebles@alachuacounty.us.

  • Here’s an idea…how about one of our esteemed BOCC members blowing on an esteemed City of Gainesville mayor. Maybe a resident of Alachua county or City of Gainesville bent over and getting the “shaft” from local leadership. That would truly represent the community.

  • The sculpture shall be a ten foot tall block letter “A” flat on the ground, recessed into the ground. The interior of the letter shall be painted to resemble fire. Over the letter shall be a large arrow pointing west.
    The name of the sculpture shall be “Flaming A Holes, Your Springs County Utopia is That A Way.”

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