Couple attacked while walking downtown; victim charged with concealed carry offense


Two men were arrested on March 27 after a man allegedly attacked a group of people walking downtown: Antwan Jerome Downs, 21, of Ocklawaha (pictured above), was arrested for simple battery, and Adam Benjamin Cameron, 28, of Ocala, who was punched in the face, was arrested for a concealed weapon violation after he pulled out a gun, hoping that Downs’ group would leave.

According to information provided by Gainesville Police Department (GPD) in addition to the two arrest reports, a group of people that included Cameron and some friends was walking near the Southwest Parking Garage (100 SW 3rd Street) at about 2:09 a.m. on March 27 when Downs, who was also with a group, walked up and struck Cameron’s girlfriend in the face with a closed fist and pushed her down. Cameron was also hit in the face with a closed fist and was “bleeding profusely from his nose.”

The officer who arrested Cameron wrote that he observed the two groups in a verbal altercation and then saw Cameron produce a gun and pull the slide back to chamber a round. Post Miranda, Cameron, who does not have a concealed carry permit, reportedly said that after he and his girlfriend were attacked, he went to get the gun out of his truck “to defend them.” He said he had chambered a round in the hope that the other group would leave.

Downs, who is on probation for a reckless driving charge in Marion County, was released on his own recognizance. Cameron has no record and was also released on his own recognizance. Both are facing misdemeanor charges.

GPD spokesman Graham Glover said that although there were other people with Downs, they were not involved in the incident, and it is unknown whether anybody in the two groups knew each other prior to the incident.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • It’s getting pretty scary downtown. I will continue to go to places outside of the downtown area, and to other towns for meals out, and other entertainment.

  • A person admits making multiple conscious decisions to threaten someone with eminent deadly force and gets ROR. Another person on probation (which apparently means nothing) gets arrested for battery to multiple stranger and gets ROR.

    • The guy’s girlfriend was punched! Unless I’m missing something, I think it’s an affront to justice that they even arrested him. It’s never right to punch a girl.

  • Too much stupidity on this one from all sides to waste the effort commenting.

  • No alcohol being served after 10pm would stop
    The drunken stupidity. Bars need to be closed down
    At 10pm because of the above type crime & violence.
    GNV’s environmental social justice score would be
    Better because it would have a lower carbon footprint
    Because of less CO2 emissions and would help climate

  • Good work by GPD again. Wonder why so many losers from out of town feel so comfy coming here? We need billboards saying GO AWAY.

  • i use to have a rule to never travel east of 34th st ever, now it is I-75.

  • Two innocent parties are attacked and the victim that uses justified force to keep his and his girlfriend’s attacker at bay is arrested because he simply doesn’t have a government issued permission slip to fully exercise an inalienable right he’s born with.

    What a sad state of affairs Florida is in. Twenty-five other states have Constitutional Carry, with Alabama and Georgia being the latest.

    Florida, under a Republican Supermajority, kills it for the third year in a row.

    Luckily, Gun Owners of America is fighting hard to make Florida a Constitutional Carry State.

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