COVID-19 testing now available without a doctor referral


Gainesville City Manager Lee Feldman just announced on Twitter that the Department of Health is offering a COVID-19 test to anyone who wants one, regardless of symptoms. A doctor’s referral is not required.

This is NOT antibody testing; this is a test for a current infection of COVID-19.

To make an appointment, call 352-334-8810.

  • These tests are highly flawed. They can report a positive result on a Monday and a negative report on Tuesday. Recent vaccinations and other issues will show a false positive.

    CV-19 false positives are used by media as scare tactics. The news media recklessly implies that testing positive is the same as showing active symptoms when the test cannot be trusted to begin with.

    The test kits are highly criticized as a political tool to keep the lockdowns in place while providing no real evidence for the claim.

    When advanced readers with a reasonable educational background research how the test kits determine the presence of CV-19 they will find the virus has never been isolated and fails to conform to the scientific rigors of Koch’s Postulates – https://bit.ly/3b4XscQ

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