CPPI’s Matt Webster transitioning to Senior Consultant

Matt Webster

Press release from Charles Perry Partners, Inc.

After a 23-year career with CPPI, Matt Webster will be transitioning later this year into a role as Senior Consultant, states Brian Leslie, President of CPPI. Leslie added, “Matt has been part of the CPPI family and leadership team for a very long time. His leadership and talents will be missed. However, we’re looking forward to having Matt lead special assignments and client presentations for us in his new role.”  

Webster shared, “After a great career with our firm, I have mixed emotions about my transition. On one hand I’m excited to explore ventures outside of construction; on the other hand I’ll miss the great team at CPPI and our amazing clients. Fortunately, this transition will allow me to spend time with family, pursue some personal goals, and still play a role in CPPI’s continued success.” 

Breck Weingart, CPPI’s Chairman of the Board, added, “We’re happy for Matt and his family. I know Matt will excel at anything he puts his mind towards, and I look forward to seeing what’s next.”  

The transition will happen at the end of the year, and everyone involved is focused on a smooth transition. “There is no rush, and we want to make sure that we set up the next phase of our relationship correctly,” added Webster.  

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