Crisis Center Seeks Crisis Line Counselors

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – The Alachua County Crisis Center seeks volunteers to become Crisis Line Counselors. The next training class begins on Saturday, September 17, 2022. After the initial session, training continues for seven weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There is no fee for training, and applicants do not need to possess any specific degrees or certifications. Training is held online and can be done remotely. After training is complete, the Crisis Center asks for a commitment of 24 four-hour shifts.

Apply online to be a Crisis Line Counselor.

Volunteers learn active listening, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, community disaster response, and more. Volunteering is an opportunity to impact the lives of fellow community members and gain life-enhancing communication skills. 

    • The Crisis Center hotline has always been an important community resource. Don’t you care about trans youth and others wanting to kill themselves? Suicide is no laughing matter. Why don’t you leftists come up with your own version of Alachua Chronicle? Answer: You are only capable of third-rate trolling, as seen here lately. That is the extent of your “web publishing” ability. Hopefully DeSantis will make sure our next election is better-run than this most recent shyt-show of an election. RESULTS MATTER. COMPETENCY MATTERS.

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