“Cut his mic!”


  • Well I hopefully their big fat undeserved raises are reversed and they are all fired. They had to have know this was coming.

  • Desantis just needs to come in like a SWAT team Monday morning and remove them from city hall and have the new appointees work out the plan.

  • It’s a shame that this didn’t happen while Pegeen and Poe were in office. They started this mess. But now they get to cut and run and leave the taxpayers with a huge mess!

    • I’d like to see charges filed because they had to have lined their & their friends’ pockets with their stupid decision to go biomass:…they wanted to get that free federal money to give their “friends” lucrative contracts….this is the worst thing to happen to GNV since it was chartered. The democrat leadership ruined our utility and bankrupted the city…
      Follow the money and then make arrests. Hanrahan’s legacy is that she destroyed our utility, & bankrupted the city implementing Kyoto Protocol. She took an oath to uphold the state & US constitutions and instead violated that oath by taking orders from a foreign government, the UN.

  • Consent decree. Kick out every last grifter, have an independent body take control of GRU. Good stuff Fuller 😉

  • I think those of us that live outside of Gainesville and are forced to be on GRU should have a VOTE!

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