David Arreola announces campaign for Florida House District 22

Press release from David Arreola for Florida House District 22

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – After announcing his campaign to represent Florida House District 22, former Gainesville City Commissioner David Arreola issued the following statement: 

“The people of Alachua, Gilchrist, and Levy Counties have been failed for years by far-right politicians who are more interested in stoking divisive culture wars than serving Floridians. MAGA Republicans are dismantling common-sense gun safety laws, attacking women’s reproductive rights, and rigging our economy for the powerful. 

“I was born and raised right here in Florida House District 22. During my campaign to represent our community, I’ll be championing meaningful solutions to our state’s most pressing problems. To end the gun violence epidemic, it’s time we require comprehensive background checks, mandate safe weapon storage, and strengthen licensing requirements. With women across Florida being denied critical healthcare, we must restore reproductive rights. To uplift struggling families, we should strengthen the rights of working people, invest in our local small businesses, and expand access to our public colleges and universities. 

“As the next state representative for Florida House District 22, I’ll fight every day to restore reproductive freedom, guarantee economic fairness, and advance gun safety. I look forward to defeating whomever survives the MAGA Republican primary and serving our community in Tallahassee come next November.” 

  • Typical liberal talking points. Blame ‘MAGA Republicans’ instead of his own party. None, absolutely zero, of his ‘solutions’ to end gun violence address the core of the problem; the actual criminal and his/her disregard for laws. Stop using the term ‘reproductive rights’. Not a single law restricts a woman’s right to reproduce. Not one. Abortion is NOT a reproductive procedure. It is a TERMINATION of reproduction. I notice he doesn’t mention any investment in trade schools, only in liberal strongholds of colleges and universities. Just another typical liberal from a party that has driven Gainesville into the dirt….

  • Being that I am studying comparative politics right now, this seems like what the authoritarian states do in the beginning, setting up to be the authoritarian there David that is certainly what it looks like. I mean you did take the same classes or didn’t you? Y’all claim we are what you are showing through your writing. (Directed to David)… I’m sure the many will see straight through your crap!

  • Ha ha ha. Is he serious? Obviously, he is not familiar with the Constitution and its Amendments. I guess he is not aware that the Democrat Party he wants to represent is 100% responsible for the “culture wars”. What exactly is economic fairness, Mr. Arreola?

  • Stick-Boy Arreola was hatched right here, perhaps in some IFAS lab. He had the worst attendance record on the commission prior to Saco’s mental breakdown, and he always says Andrew Gillum was his mentor. That should go over really well with the rural folks. Will David go on record as condemning the violence against Israel? I’m looking forward to Clemons decapitating him politically. Maybe Poe will run for Congress, too. That’s the only thing that would be more comical.

  • Most politicians are just cynical liars, but David might actually be stupid enough to believe this stuff. His stint as city commissioner is perfect example of how we are ruled/governed by unimaginative dorks who have lived their entire lives seeking the approval of their teachers. My friends, please don’t go through life being a short dork!

  • For the voters suffering from amnesia, selective memory loss or just plain stupidity… remember that he was instrumental in Gainesville being in the current fiscal abyss it’s in. Not only that, he also voted to double commissioners’ salaries. Those with decent recollective abilities will remember that he was also a drug and alcohol abuser, (was?).
    With his past history and his prior endorsement for Gillum, that’s someone we definitely don’t need in Tallahassee.

    • Two weeks before his term ended, when most people were getting ready to celebrate Christmas in December of 2022, he had to go to Israel for some unknown reason with Poe and Hayes-Santos. Now the commission won’t say anything about Israel even though it was “soooo important” for them to go there less than a year ago.

      • Too bad we can’t put them on a plane and send them near there now…pretty sure Gaza would be welcoming. Poe would easily be identified as American, Hayes-Santos would try to change his nationality and Areola, just leave it up to whichever side sees him first.

    • He’s dangerous. Don’t forget his special amigo is still running the elections software and computer systems for the county (in other words, counting all the votes).

  • My favorite part is where he accuses conservatives of division, and calls them far-right and MAGA, thus stoking division. He needs to move out of Florida or go back to telemarketing.

    • Due to his own unwise fiscal decisions imposed during his tenure as a city communist, he probably has to stay close to mommy & daddy.

  • Arreola is a typical far-left liberal and a Pandering Poe disciple. That should tell you everything you need to know about him. Hard pass.

  • Seems pretty sure he’ll get the dem party nod. We’ll he thought he was a shoe-in for Mayor too. I don’t think the ladies over at the Women’s League of Voters will be any help this time either. You are a terrible politician and a user that just wants to live off the people’s money. Go away David and grow up.

  • This maroon ran Gainesville into the dirt while in office and is one of multiple commissioners who caused the budget crisis!

  • His record as a Commissioner is weak. He accomplished nothing but taking us from being a top place to live to one of the most expensive and crime ridden. No Thanks!

  • No one could be as bad as Showtime Kat, who does nothing except political stunts, showing up at local awards – especially if someone wears a uniform – and to take credit for programs she voted against. I guess maybe she’s OK at constituent services, but I don’t know that. Oh yeah, she’s good at blaming Biden and the Democrats for everything, which is why she gets nothing done, and they do – hello broad band service in the red counties around here. An empty dress if there ever was one. That being said, I’ll wait to see who else runs against her.

    • You do understand this is for the Florida House and not the US Congress right? So why bring Kat into this conversation when he is running against Chuck Clemons. You might want to read a little better next time.

    • Gotta love what those blue counties bring to the table; high taxes, crime and in Gainesville’s case, financial burdens on it’s citizenry.
      What’s sad is they disguise it as being what’s best for the community.

    • My bad, and my apology – not too Kat. I scanned it too fast.

      Isn’t Clemons term limited?

  • The vision of him campaigning any place in the district south or west of Tower Road is the funniest thing come to mind today.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (take breath) HAHAHAHAHA (take breath) HAHAHAHAHAHA (take breath) HAHAHAHAHA….. now I gotta pee….. this announcement is gut busting comical

  • I thought this SSS Clown got fired ,like all the other commissioners of Wokesville. Very few will vote for the wild, wild east and remasking.

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