David Arreola announces candidacy for Mayor of Gainesville


Gainesville City Commissioner David Arreola announced his candidacy for Mayor of Gainesville this week with a Facebook video.

In the video, Arreola says he was born and raised in Gainesville and that “we can all agree having strong neighborhoods is part of what makes Gainesville such a great place to live.” He then talks about how “our black and brown neighbors are being left out of the conversations of the contexts of their own neighborhood. This cannot be the status quo going forward for local government.”

Arreola says he was the first to propose that Gainesville go toward 100% renewable energy and that he has sometimes been “the only one to vote against new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

In a segment about Florida’s HB 1 “anti-rioting” bill and the different policies pursued by the City of Gainesville, Alachua County, and the State of Florida in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arreola says, “I’ve had to stand up for Gainesville against the State and the federal government during the last two years of turmoil. I’m currently fighting against the attack that Ron DeSantis has against our freedom of speech, and when the pandemic hit, we had to stand up and choose people’s safety and health first, even when the State of Florida was only making the situation worse. Local government is the government closest to people, and I think we’re more than capable of governing ourselves.”

The election will be held Tuesday, August 23, 2022. The qualifying period is June 13-17, 2022.

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