December 15 County Commission and City of Gainesville Commission Hybrid Joint Meeting Includes Ending Homelessness and Other Issues

Press release from Alachua County

The City of Gainesville Commission will host a hybrid Joint Meeting with the Alachua County Commission on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at 3 p.m. Those who want to attend the meeting can go to Gainesville City Hall (200 East University Avenue, Gainesville).

The public who attend in-person must wear a facial covering at all times. Public seating will be made available up to the capacity that permits adequate social distancing.

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The public may attend virtually through Cox Channel 12, Facebook, and the City of Gainesville’s Video on Demand website. For meeting audio only, call 301-715-8592, and when prompted, use meeting code 822 9555 8622.

The public can make comments before the meeting by calling the City Clerk of the Commission Office at 352-334-5015. To make a public comments on an agenda item during the meeting, call 1-800-876-7516. A moderator will call on you when it is your turn to speak (please mute the sound on your computer/device if you are watching the meeting online. State your name clearly for the record). Each speaker will have three minutes to comment.

Items of interest include:

  • Introduction of School Superintendent
  • City/County collaborative community food projects
  • Pedestrian safety in the right-of-way
  • Alachua County and City of Gainesville: Approach to end homelessness

View the agenda and backup items.

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