December 15 County Commission and City of Gainesville Commission Hybrid Joint Meeting Includes Ending Homelessness and Other Issues

Press release from Alachua County

The City of Gainesville Commission will host a hybrid Joint Meeting with the Alachua County Commission on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at 3 p.m. Those who want to attend the meeting can go to Gainesville City Hall (200 East University Avenue, Gainesville).

The public who attend in-person must wear a facial covering at all times. Public seating will be made available up to the capacity that permits adequate social distancing.

The public may attend virtually through Cox Channel 12, Facebook, and the City of Gainesville’s Video on Demand website. For meeting audio only, call 301-715-8592, and when prompted, use meeting code 822 9555 8622.

The public can make comments before the meeting by calling the City Clerk of the Commission Office at 352-334-5015. To make a public comments on an agenda item during the meeting, call 1-800-876-7516. A moderator will call on you when it is your turn to speak (please mute the sound on your computer/device if you are watching the meeting online. State your name clearly for the record). Each speaker will have three minutes to comment.

Items of interest include:

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  • Introduction of School Superintendent
  • City/County collaborative community food projects
  • Pedestrian safety in the right-of-way
  • Alachua County and City of Gainesville: Approach to end homelessness

View the agenda and backup items.

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  • What’s Gainesville & Alachua County’s plan to end homelessness? Invite them all
    Here and put them all in housing at taxpayers’ expense…
    Like with Grace Marketplace: “build it and they will come”.

    Other related items:

    1. The invisible enemy: face masks and the “new normal”.
    2. Quarantines and how to destroy small business and the local economy.
    3. Disbursing Cares Act money to neighbors.
    4. wearing face masks in support of Chinese
    5. Keeping city commission meetings virtual so citizens can’t voice public comment.

  • If they would put half the effort into ending homelessness as they put into silencing conservative voices they might actually get something accomplished.

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