Deputies arrest alleged Tommy Hilfiger thief after 75 mph chase on Archer Road


Scotty Terrell Norton, 33, was arrested late last night after allegedly taking 14 items from the Tommy Hilfiger store at Celebration Pointe and then fleeing from Sheriff’s deputies on Archer Road at speeds estimated at 75 mph.

Deputies responded to the store at about 5:50 p.m. on January 4, where employees reported that a man in a face mask, hoodie, and black pants picked up 14 items of merchandise and then walked toward the store exit. Two store employees stood near the exit and asked Norton if he needed help with his items, valued at $1,357.00. They tried to take the items from him, offering to find him a fitting room or take the items to the register. Norton allegedly said, “If you touch me, I will sue you,” while forcibly taking the items back from the employees and pushing the employees. The employees suffered minor injuries to their hands.

Norton then drove away in a white Mercury Grand Marquis. After being directed to stop by a deputy, Norton allegedly fled at up to 75 mph on Archer Road in heavy traffic. He struck a fire hydrant in a crowded parking lot, then got out of the car and allegedly ran away from deputies. He was finally arrested at 11:42 p.m. at the Wawa on Archer Road.

Norton has been charged with battery, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, grand theft, robbery by sudden snatching without a weapon, and felony fleeing with disregard of safety to persons or property. Norton also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear at a hearing on a case with theft and cocaine possession charges and a second warrant based on a November 17 sworn complaint, covering 18 charges of theft from stores such as Lowe’s, Walmart, Publix, Walgreen’s, and Dollar General. Norton is being held without bond on the failure to appear warrant and a total bond of $282,000 on the other charges.

  • He should have gone west on Archer. Traffic travels at that speed any way. Glad he was caught though.

  • Hmmm…visible neck tattoo in mugshot. Is there a
    Correlation with criminal activity & visible tattoos?
    In the old days, criminals would wear masks to
    Conceal their identities.,,Covid has provided the
    Perfect cover for criminals to hide their identities…
    Only communists, criminals who want to hide their identities, and hypochondriacs wear the mask. People
    Have been deceived by the global Covid fear campaign.

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