Deputies arrest juvenile, just released from jail, in connection with shooting

Jonah Alexander Maultsby


Jonah Alexander Maultsby, 16, who had just been released from the Alachua County Jail after a conviction on robbery charges that were pleaded down from accessory after the fact to murder, was arrested last night for possession of a weapon or ammunition by a delinquent adult felon.

At about 6:30 p.m. last night, Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 6200 block of SW 8th Lane after a call reporting that someone had been shot. When then arrived, they found a 15-year-old male (listed on the arrest report as Defendant #3) with a gunshot wound to the leg in the parking lot. He was transported to Shands Hospital for medical treatment. The report says that although the details surrounding the shooting were initially unclear, a third defendant, a 16-year-old male (Defendant #2), was on scene and identified as being involved.

Maultsby lives with his sister at the address where the incident took place; the report says his sister was out of town at the time. Maultsby told officers that he and a 17-year-old male (the victim) were “socializing” at his home before the incident and had posted an Instagram Live video depicting a large amount of cash. Shortly after the video ended, the other two defendants communicated with Maultsby about robbing the victim, and they arrived at Maultsby’s home a short time later.

After arriving, Defendants #2 and #3 found a handgun in Maultsby’s apartment, and Defendant #2 pointed the gun at the victim while Defendant #3 tried to remove personal items from the victim. While Defendant #2 held the gun at his side, he discharged the gun and struck Defendant #3 in the leg. He dropped the gun, and Defendants #2 and #3 fled the residence into the parking lot. The victim also fled.

The victim was later located and verified that the robbery occurred but refused to cooperate with law enforcement.

After the shooting, Maultsby put the gun in a closet on the second floor of the residence and put the spent shell casing in a drawer in the kitchen. A search was executed at the residence, and a Ruger LCP .380 pistol and a single spent .380 casing were found.

Maultsby was arrested in February 2021 as an accessory after the fact in a murder case. He was convicted on June 29, 2021, of felony robbery in a plea deal and sentenced to 270 days in jail with credit for 163 days served. He was also put on probation for 5 years after release. Maultsby was released from jail on August 30, 2021.

  • Another shooting in the same neighborhood west if I-75 and east of Tower Road. Alachua County is very happy this area will become part of the new Springs County so they can deal with all the crime in this neighborhood.

    • If people such as yourself and R.Own.Dumb@rse would be so happy to relieve yourselves of such vermin, why the opposition?

      Springs County would do a better job of taking care of this POS. To borrow a line from a local sheriff of late, “we would like to be able to put enough holes in him to read a newspaper.”

      That’s the only way to deal with thugs like him.

      Since you are obviously one of the brainwashed – keep on believing…

  • Our “criminal justice system” at work…
    Does anyone else see room for improvement here?? 🤔

  • That address is a stone’s throw from the county’s SWAG human resource center. Why didn’t these youngsters take advantage of its mental and nutritional supplemental after-school professionally supervised care opportunities? I’m concerned.

    • The SWAG center does not provide one thing mentioned in the article, what kids this age want. “an Instagram Live video depicting a large amount of cash” On the other hand, it is really stupid to brag about your large stash of cash on a video channel watched by criminals. All they lacked was a sign outside their house “Come rob us HERE”

  • This is a hardened criminal along with his friends, not “youngsters”.. They all need to be in prison for the duration! Career criminals, period. Lock them up so they dont kill someone!

  • Another great prospective date for Poe or Ward’s daughters. I would highly recommend him.

  • Every time I see one of these young men I feel terrible for the teachers who had to put up with their behavior, write IEPs to “improve” and have their (the teachers’) evaluations based on the job they did with them. And shame on the school board for allowing the schools to devolve into day care for thugs.

    • Bring back corporal punishment! Did more to prevent these types of behavior than any of the current liberal BS.

  • Should never been let put of jail. Pled down to a lesser charge and continued to commit more crimes. States Attorney should be held liable.

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