Deputies arrest man who rammed patrol vehicles, fled at 100 mph


Brandon Dewain Railey, 29, was arrested yesterday afternoon after ramming a patrol vehicle and then driving at speeds close to 100 mph while trying to evade Sheriff’s deputies.

The incident began when deputies arrived at a property on CR 231 to arrest Railey, who had active warrants for failure to appear at a case management hearing on November 23 on charges of possessing and selling drugs, including methamphetamine. Railey was in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck that was backed into the driveway, with the windows rolled down; his father was in the passenger seat. Deputies tried to box him in with patrol vehicles, but Railey allegedly put the truck into reverse and was able to squeeze between the gate and the patrol cars. While trying to leave, Railey swerved left after seeing a patrol car and allegedly rammed a different patrol car, with a deputy inside.

Deputies pursued Railey down CR 231 toward Gainesville, with Railey allegedly reaching speeds of almost 100 mph. Deputies had their lights and sirens activated during the pursuit. During this time, Railey’s father reportedly called 911 from the truck and said his son was fleeing from law enforcement, that he did not intend to stop, and that law enforcement should back off. Railey’s father could also be heard telling Railey to calm down and counseling him to stop fleeing.

Railey eventually turned left on US Hwy 441, where deputies conducted a PIT maneuver, which caused the truck to spin off the roadway, allowing deputies to block the truck. Railey fled on foot and was eventually captured by a K9 unit.

Railey’s father, the owner of the truck, consented to a search of the vehicle. Inside deputies found a backpack with 4.9 grams of methamphetamine and a hose used to smoke methamphetamine. Mail with Railey’s name on it was also found in the backpack, and Railey’s father said the backpack belonged to Railey. Railey also had 0.1 grams of methamphetamine in his pocket when he was arrested.

Post Miranda, Railey reportedly told deputies that he saw and heard the lights and sirens, but he wanted to get away to see his mother before turning himself in. He also said he saw the patrol cars boxing him in, but he did not intend to hit them.

Railey has been charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement, fleeing with lights and sirens active, resisting arrest without violence, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia, on top of the existing charges that led to the warrants. The First Appearance Order recommends that he be held without bond on the charges that led to the warrants.

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