FOUND: Deputies searching for missing 12-year-old girl

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies are currently looking for Cheyenne Mathis, who reportedly did not board her school bus this morning near the area of 3200 SW 27th Street. Cheyenne is described as a black female, 12 years of age, with straight hair. She was last seen wearing pink pants and a brown shirt, possibly carrying a backpack.

If you have any information about Cheyenne please call 352-955-1818 or 9-1-1 to report any sightings

  • Hello, please listen to me I can find this child..I promise I was given this ability about 3 months ago, please believe me, my family can attest to this ability I have. I am in Atlanta right now but if I am send for and brought to Gainesville Florida I will find her.. Please… Believe me… My auntie is Lula Thomas in Gainesville Florida get with her and she will tell you I have that gift..I can’t explain it but if this child life is in danger please let me find her.. My number is 904-698-2295

  • Phoenix area is another *troubled* area enabled by govt lawyers. Similar to the Campus Walk condos (in Sorority Row), the Phoenix cluster has various absentee landlords and no supervision — except when crime happens, as intended.
    They should condemn the area and replace them with strictly enforced HOA and deed codes, for single adults, owned not rented efficiency units. No couples or families. The rest of the city already has housing for that population.

  • Found hiding in her home? Great police work shouldn’t you have started at her “last known whereabouts” and then extended the search? I mean even the writers of law and order know this.

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