Deputy injured while responding to accident on I-75


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – An Alachua County Sheriff’s (ASO) Deputy has been transported to UF Health Shands under a trauma alert after being involved in a crash near mile marker 375 on the interstate. The deputy was responding to a vehicle that had hit a tree and caught fire.

Gainesville Police Department officers and ASO deputies cleared intersections along Archer Road to allow the ambulance to get to Shands as quickly as possible.

This is a developing story.

  • This is another example of why the Black Lives Matter movement got derailed. Law enforcement officers put themselves at great danger all the time for situations like this. Coming from a law enforcement family (and coming into contact with 100’s of cops) I can tell you that 99.9% of all officers would not hesitate to risk their own safety in order to save someone in a car accident or other situation REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN!! We wish a quick recovery for the people involved in the accident as well as the deputy who was injured.

    • Who the heck is giving this comment a thumbs down? I sure wish we could tell. Idiots.

  • I-75 will only get worse, and so will exurb sprawl unless rural roll roads happen soon. FDOT has evolved to learn from past mistakes. Freeways are not the best way anymore. Do not listen to selfish greentards masquerading as environmentalists.

      • Thanks! “Toll”makes more sense to me. (Coffee’s still brewing)🤣
        OTOH, if traffic gets diverted onto regular streets my bias is there will be tons more accidents w/ kids killed.

    • Hey Jeff, Maggie here. Did you mean rural toll roads?? Please explicate the problem & what is your solution please?

  • Hmm, have never seen them clear the intersections for a regular citizen.🤦‍♀️

  • Police clearing the intersections is the right thing to do. So why do I often see EMS vans sitting in traffic w/ lights & sirens blazing? No PoPo for regular citizens?

    • Yeah, I think we all noticed this and no, you won’t see police clearing the roads for you or me but then again, I understand the “this is one of our own” emotion because I would feel the same way.

    • First, if they (EMS) are stationary at the intersection their sirens are off and second sometimes law enforcement with have to keep the intersection closed due to an investigation or EMS safety.

  • Well its going to keep happening because the FLORIDA STATE TROOPERS have allowed this Interstate and other Hwys around Fl to become a FREE FOR ALL. BIGGEST problem is the TRUCKERS in the left lane. I drive these roads EVERYDAY. The jerks in cars that pass fast zipping around everything is a HUGE problem too.

    I wish him well and a speedy recovery. You should see a center-lane accident or attempted MURDER caused by a TRUCKER in the left lane.

  • While it would be lovely for law enforcement to make pathways speedier for the average citizen, it’s not realistic.
    The fact that they did it for one of their own does not bother me. They do things that the average citizen would never do…at least on purpose…on a daily basis. Some extra perks to save a life of one of those dedicated to saving us normies is acceptable, IMHO.
    Hopefully, he makes a speedy recovery and is back to saving more lives soon. <3

  • The fact they only speaking about the cop he rear ended a vehicle in the emergency lane that was assisting help to the accident. Rear ended her at a high rate of speed 80 mph while seating with her flashes on. Trying to understand why such high rate of speed once he made to the scene. But she’s fine battling her injuries while they trying to find fault when the only fault is the officer rear ending her.

    • My daughter and I were there with her when it happened. We were talking as she was sitting in her vehicle. I’ve been praying she’s doing well. I’ve been trying to find her and tell her what an amazing person she is.

      • I actually know exactly who you’re trying to find. Wonder how we can exchange info

  • I can only imagine the outrage that this forum would put out if it had been a careless regular citizen that slammed into the rear of a car on scene of an accident. I like law enforcement but… they are only human and deserve no more and no less than the rest of us. Hero means nothing anymore because everyone’s a hero now. God’s speed on a fast recovery for all.

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