DeSantis asks universities for information on gender dysphoria treatments

Courtesy of the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor DeSantis’ Office of Policy and Budget has sent a memorandum to all the state universities, requesting information on gender dysphoria treatments provided by the universities since January 1, 2018.

As stated in the memorandum, state universities are a part of the executive branch of state government under Florida Statutes, as are the university boards of trustees, which administer the state universities.
As the governor said during his second inaugural address: “We must ensure school systems are responsive to parents and to students, not partisan interest groups, and we must ensure that our institutions of higher learning are focused on academic excellence and the pursuit of truth, not the imposition of trendy ideology.”

The memorandum requests information on all individuals who sought sex-reassignment treatments from the universities, whether they are adults or minors. It asks for the number of individuals who were diagnosed with a gender disorder, whether at the university, prior to seeking care at the university, or after seeking care at the university, and the number who were not diagnosed with a gender disorder after seeking a sex-reassignment treatment at the university.

Universities are also asked to provide the number of people prescribed puberty blockers by age, the number of people prescribed hormones by age, the number of people prescribed hormone antagonists by age, and the number of people, by age, undergoing mastectomies, breast augmentations, orchiectomies (testicle removal), penectomies (penis removal), vaginoplasties (procedure to construct or repair a vagina), hysterectomies (uterus removal, which may also include the cervix, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and other surrounding structures), metoidioplasties (female-to-male sex reassignment surgery, followed by testosterone replacement therapy that gradually enlarges the clitoris), vaginectomies (vagina removal), salpingo-oophorectomies (ovary removal), phalloplasties (construction or reconstruction of the penis), scrotoplasties (construction or repair of the scrotum), or any other medical procedure that alters primary or secondary sexual characteristics of a male or female.

Universities are also asked to provide the number of people who received no behavioral health services before their first sex-reassignment treatment, less than three months of behavioral health services, less than six months of behavioral health services, less than one year of behavioral health services, and one year or more of behavioral health services prior to the first sex-reassignment treatment.

The governor’s office has also requested copies of all policies and procedures, including drafts, that have been in effect at any point from January 1, 2018, to the present.

UF Health’s page on gender dysphoria informs prospective patients that “Gender is typically assigned at birth” and that hormone replacement therapy is now known as “gender-affirming hormone therapy” and sex-reassignment surgery is now known as “gender-affirming surgery.”

UF Health’s Youth Gender Program page currently gives a “page not found” error, but the previous content can be viewed on the WayBack Machine. Among other resources, the page previously linked to the “Tucking Resource Guide for Trans Youths,” which provides information on how people who are “male-bodied” can “achieve a flat front.”

The universities’ responses are due February 10.

  • Yessssss.. Florida is the freedom state 🙌🏾.. less government the better 👏🏾 except 4 Guns and Equality..

    • There’s a lot of people out there with mental illness…Follow the science…xy=boy
      Xx= girl. . You sound like you wish you were a different race…it’s old already. Accept who you are.
      Be all you can be. No excuses. Stop blaming others for your flaws. Take personal responsibility for yourself.

  • Great job Governor. It’s hard to fathom how this sexual abuse done on minors is kept in the dark and purposefully hidden.

  • Gender dysphoria is a mental illness exploited and used to make more money by the medical industry. It’s very similar to extreme plastic surgery like the “cat woman” socialite, and anorexics, they see a different person in the mirror than what others see.
    It shouldn’t be funded or supported by the public. If you are mental about your gender, go look at your birth certificate instead of the mirror. Charge for that service: $0.00
    Thank you.

    • They’re doing diabolical experiments on these people like Guinea pigs…just like what they are doing with the experimental mRNA shots.

  • To each their own, do what you like. Disfigure yourself all you want. JUST DO NOT FUND IT WITH PUBLIC MONEY!
    Your dysphoria, your wallet, not mine.

    • Lots of parents are getting conned into believing their child will kill himself/herself if they even question anything. It’s better to stop the insanity instead of enabling it, regardless of who pays for it. Madness has a way of spreading if it is not called out and recognized for what it is.

  • I bet Sasse isn’t going to tolerate any of this at UF. Good for him, good for us.

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