DeSantis Executive Order assigns Clovis Watson IV complaints to Third Judicial Circuit to avoid conflict of interest


Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order today, moving several criminal complaints against Clovis Watson IV from the Eighth Judicial Circuit to the Third Judicial Circuit “to avoid a conflict of interest or any appearance of impropriety.”

Clovis Watson IV, the son of Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr., has several recent sworn complaints, including a November 24 criminal traffic misdemeanor for habitual driving without a valid license, a November 23 complaint for kicking in the door of his pregnant former girlfriend’s apartment, and a December 25 complaint for aggravated battery and snatching a cellphone from his former girlfriend.

Executive Order 22-07 says that Brian Kramer, State Attorney for the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida, has voluntarily disqualified himself and requested the executive assignment of another State Attorney to investigate and prosecute these complaints. John Durrett, State Attorney for the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida, has agreed to accept the assignment. He has been ordered to assign one or more Assistant State Attorneys and Investigators to “proceed immediately to the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida” to investigate and prosecute the cases. The assignment is for one year unless additional time is requested.

  • Good move RD! Maybe this son of a gun-toater will be prosecuted outside of daddy’s influence. If found guilty, go to a jail outside the county that daddy doesn’t run.

  • Waste of taxpayers money his girlfriend most likely will not testify against him in court anyway

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