DeSantis requests transparency on Floridians remaining in Afghanistan

Governor Ron DeSantis joined Sean Hannity to talk about Afghanistan


Governor Ron DeSantis sent a letter today to the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Homeland Security, requesting information on the efforts to evacuate American civilians and allies in Afghanistan. DeSantis called the lack of information sharing “unacceptable” and said the crisis “is of President Biden’s own making.”

In the letter, DeSantis requested the number of Floridians remaining in Afghanistan, information about the actions of the Administration to ensure their safe evacuation, information about the number of Afghans being evacuated and where they are going, information about the vetting process for these Afghans, the number of evacuees who have been flagged for possible ties to terrorism, and what will happen to American citizens and Afghan allies who are “left in harm’s way” after the Administration’s self-imposed deadline of August 31, 2021, passes.

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DeSantis requested an immediate response and said the current situation in Afghanistan “was avoidable and predictable” and “will impact the safety of Americans and military partnerships for decades to come.”

The full letter may be read here.