Detainee at juvenile detention center charged with aggravated assault for threatening another detainee with an improvised stabbing weapon

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jacob David Steinkoetter, who turned 18 yesterday, has been charged as an adult with aggravated assault after allegedly threatening another detainee at the Juvenile Detention Center with an improvised stabbing weapon.

Steinkoetter and the other detainee were having lunch at the dining hall yesterday when Steinkoetter allegedly tried to take the victim’s lunch tray. When the victim refused to give Steinkoetter the lunch tray, Steinkoetter allegedly said, “I’m going to poke you. I’m going to cut your throat and kill you” while showing the victim a silver sharp cutting object in his waistband.

The victim told a staff member about the threat, and the staff member told his supervisor, who searched Steinkoetter and reportedly found an eight-inch silver stabbing weapon wrapped with a shoelace in Steinkoetter’s waistband. The staff member reported that the stabbing weapon, which was sharpened at one end, had imprinted measurement numbers, indicating that the object was most likely assembled inside the detention center.

Post Miranda, Steinkoetter reportedly said that he never threatened anybody, then asked for a lawyer.

Steinkoetter has a juvenile criminal history. Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $100,000.

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  • The food must be too good in there if these criminals are willing to kill for it.

  • He gets to go poke around with the big boys now.
    Somehow I don’t think he’ll be the one doing the pokin’ but he may be doing lots of smokin’.

    Before anyone gives it a πŸ‘Ž, he’ll get his free phone calls.

  • I don’t know about the food in the Juvy. I can tell you that the food that they serve in the jail is not fit for human consumption. It was horrible. The worst food ever. I could not wait to go to prison to eat decent food. That jit is in for a ride awakening. Lol!!

  • Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $100,000. Is that because he is a white boy? Or is she paying attention to more than the SUN?

  • “improvised stabbing weapon”
    commonly referred to as a ‘shiv’ in jail parlance. Come on man!
    Gots to get the right terminology if you’re gonna make it in the big house.

  • This young man is a wonderful person. He is also a chef that can cook anything that you could imagine. He’s just been miss lead and didn’t have a steady guidance. He may have made some bad decisions but he was still just a young boy. I hope that they will send this young man for some treatment or rehab counseling or house arrest or something. Imagine when u were 17 u go to jail alone spend your 18th birthday behind bars and now facing time in prison. That young man will never b the same. I pray for you Jacob. Happy birthday my boyβ€¦πŸŽ‚πŸ’―

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