Do city commissioners deserve a pay raise?


The email below is an unedited public record. The “translation” following it, by an author choosing to use the pen name “Publius,” is satirical.


The independent Charter Review Committee must understand that Gainesville is a New American City that must break the mold on Public Servant compensation if we hope to keep the commission we have been gifted with.

Our New American City should be a model that other cities seek to emulate—not servile followers controlled by the white corporate patriarchal oppressors. They hate our commissioners. And no wonder. The innovative public servant leaders we have elected by landslide margins are the most diverse city commission in history. They put themselves on the line for us every single day. They have never retreated, even when threatened by dangerous stalkers trying to find out where they travel and what they eat. They have our backs. 

Don’t let our evil enemies win. Our brave social justice warrior protectors deserve every penny we can pay them to keep protecting us against the forces of corporate greed, patriarchy, and toxic masculinity.

Our leaders are sui generis, which is Latin for “our leaders are the bosses of them.”

Please do not make your city commission compensation recommendations based on what other cities pay their commissioners. We don’t need no stinking research.

Independent charter review board members, do not fail us. We must dig deep—by which I mean we must force our oppressors and their enablers to dig deep. They must adequately compensate our cherished leaders, or they may leave us. 

The gifts of Gaia for the people of Gaia.

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  • Of course they don’t deserve a raise, but the satirist above fails to use his pen to address the real villains and chooses instead to finger their obedient servants. In choosing to target the diverse Commission, the writer ignores the University and the Developers, who are mostly White and who have the money and who oppress all of us in Gatorville with their incessant drive to take land off the tax roles (UF) or develop every square inch in sight.

    (note to publisher: if Publius can use a nom de plume, I will too. And why should I believe you don’t publish emails?

  • A Pay raise is not the question when so many of the public are working to remove Poe from office.

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