Driver in head-on accident arrested for DUI


Devont’a Levo’n Davis, 30, was arrested early this morning and charged with DUI with damage to property and driving with a suspended license.

At about 11:50 p.m. last night, Davis, driving a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette, was involved in a head-on crash with another vehicle in the 1400 block of NE 23rd Avenue. The victims reported that they were driving westbound on NE 23rd Avenue, saw a car traveling toward them in the westbound lanes, and tried to swerve. The other car swerved at the same time and hit them.

The driver and passenger in the victim’s car were able to get out of their vehicle, and Davis was also out of his vehicle by the time law enforcement arrived. The responding Gainesville Police Department officer reported that the smell of an alcoholic beverage on Davis was “overwhelming” and that Davis was staggering and unable to stand up straight, all while telling the officer that he was fine. Once Davis was persuaded to sit down, he continued to try to get up and began to move toward the victims and the officer, at which point he was detained in the back of the officer’s patrol car.

The officer reported that Davis fell asleep in the patrol car and had to be awakened to perform field sobriety exercises. Post Miranda, Davis allegedly did not know where he was but said he had not taken any drugs or medication or consumed any alcohol. He reportedly performed poorly on the first few field sobriety exercises and then allegedly refused to continue. He was told he would be arrested if he continued to refuse, and he allegedly placed his hands behind his back and said, “Just take me in.” He later reportedly refused to provide a breath sample, “stating his lawyer would make sure he didn’t lose his license.” Davis’ driver’s license was suspended indefinitely on November 22, 2021, for failure to pay a traffic citation.

The officer estimated that the crash caused $10,000 in damage to the victim’s car. Davis was released on his own recognizance.

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