Driver’s License Checkpoint on 441 in Alachua on November 19

Press release from Alachua Police Department

The Alachua Police Department will be conducting a Driver’s License and Registration/Insurance checkpoint on Friday, November 19, 2021. The checkpoint will take place on NW US HWY 441 within the City of Alachua. During this checkpoint, officers will be checking that drivers are licensed and have proper proof of insurance and vehicle registration(s) as required under Florida Statutes. Traffic during this time will be slightly delayed, and roadway signs will be posted to let motorists know of the checkpoint.

  • Too bad I’m not there to refuse to give them ID, and proof of insurance, and my car’s registration.

    • If you are in that check point you are operating a vehicle, so you need to prove you have a drivers license!

  • Perhaps APD got rumor of another “block party” planned for the Good Life Community and are announcing this to scare away them evil out of towners? Will Cherif Clovie send his helicopter to provide air cover? Will they borrow all the local SWAT tanks for a “show of force”?

  • At this time of year, police often step up enforcement with a view of curtailing drunk drivering.

  • If they move the traffic stop to Main Street in front of Maude Lewis Park perhaps they can lower the gang murder rate in Alachua. Jus sayin.

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