Drotos and Ryals awarded over $1.3 million from Bosshardt in arbitration


An arbitrator has awarded Daniel Drotos and Michael Ryals over $1.3 million in their lawsuit against Bosshardt Realty Services.

Drotos and Ryals had claimed that Bosshardt failed to pay them commissions that were due to them, based on an agreement they made after they gave notice that they were leaving Bosshardt to join Colliers International. The arbitrator found that claim to be justified and awarded Drotos and Ryals $732,312.28 in unpaid commissions plus interest that currently amounts to $77,997.73 and will continue to accrue until paid.

The arbitrator also held that Drotos and Ryals are the prevailing parties in the arbitration proceeding and are thus entitled to $522,841.38 in attorneys’ fees and $46,091.57 in fees related to the arbitration.

The arbitrator further found that Drotos and Ryals acted appropriately when they signed a real estate services contract with the School Board of Alachua County. Multiple witnesses testified that Team Ryals (the name that Drotos, Ryals, and their associates used when they were employed by Bosshardt) had been the deciding factor in the original decision to award the contract to Bosshardt; no other Bosshardt representative was involved in the submission or interview process for the contract. One witness said that the school board would have likely terminated the contract if it had later learned that Team Ryals was no longer at Bosshardt.

Bosshardt alleged in a counterclaim that Drotos and Ryals “slow walked” the school board contract until they had moved to Colliers, but the arbitrator found that the delays were caused by a request from Bosshardt’s lawyer for a copy of the document in Word format and the school board’s refusal to provide the document in that format. The school board asked the lawyer to mark up the PDF version of the document, and the lawyer admitted that she never did that.

However, after Team Ryals left Bosshardt, the school board gave Bosshardt an opportunity to submit a proposal for the real estate services contract. A witness testified that the committee that reviewed the submissions ranked Team Ryals first and Bosshardt last of the three submissions.

Drotos and Ryals are also facing criminal charges related to downloading these “confidential files” from Bosshardt’s computer system, but the arbitrator found that Drotos and Ryals did not improperly take any confidential files. An expert witness testified that “there were no documents contained in these files that either belonged to [Bosshardt] or that he would not expect a departing sales agent to customarily take with him or her.”

The arbitrator also wrote that “the greater weight of the competent credible evidence established” that Bosshardt later voluntarily provided all of the files in question to Drotos and Ryals. Since the parties had a written agreement to split commissions on sales made after Drotos and Ryals left Bosshardt, the arbitrator wrote, “Without access to and copies of these pending files, it would not have been possible for [Drotos and Ryals] to continue to close these transactions on [Bosshardt’s] behalf. [Bosshardt] clearly both wanted and needed for [Drotos and Ryals] to have access to these files in order for [Bosshardt] to financially benefit from these transactions.”

  • Well well well, this is a much different matter than how Sun advertiser Bosshardt portrayed it before.

  • Now, to make sure that the SWAT Team never shows up again at the businesses of law abiding citizens just because some well connected elite has a grievance against them…

    • That’s what happens, when you have a previous felony for trafficking drugs.

  • The cracks in Gainesville’s power elite are beginning to show some light of day. I pray that all the wrong doings in Gainesville will come to light soon. We need to hold ALL manipulators and out right liars to task in this “New American City”. The people need to demand accountability and transparency from the shakers and movers and their cronies in the city and county government. Power to the people, VOTE!

    • Couldn’t agree more James. It will be a treat to watch this unfold.

  • I would sue for damages to the reputation of the business and lost income in addition to emotional distress from the SWAT raid and violation of constitutionally-protected civil rights, a federal court claim. In addition, the DBPR and the real estate licensing board may wish to review all the facts.

    • Don’t search warrants require the state attorney to sign off on them and hard evidence? Seems like more is going on here than meets the eye Mr. Peabody.

    • I was thinking along the same lines, but you expressed it way better than I could have.

  • Does anyone realize that County Commissioner Ken Cornell is a Broker-Associate and Senior Vice President with Bosshardt Realty Services? A SENIOR VP!

    • It sounds like a big conflict of interest. No doubt he is there because Bosshardt wanted one of her tentacles on the county commission.

      • The owner of Bosshardt is a man, who is the “her” you are referring to? The previous owner that has no weight on current decisions?

        Hang on let me put on my aluminum foil hat, lol you guys are ridiculous.

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