Updated with vehicle pictures: Elderly woman and 2-year-old transported to hospital after hit-and-run on Main Street


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – According to Gainesville Police Department, an elderly woman and a 2-year-old child were transported to the hospital this morning after they were hit by a car while crossing Main Street near NW 10th Avenue at about 10 a.m.

GPD is looking for a silver Honda Odyssey van that left the scene without stopping. Please call 911 or the non-emergency line at 352-955-1818 if you have any information.

  • What is wrong in this community? An elderly Grandmother and two-year-old child on the ground! Seriously injured, and the driver speeds off.
    I’m disgusted, and prayers are said for them. I cannot phantom how you live with yourself after that. Accidents happen but the driving off everything changes.

  • I’m not condoning the actions of the driver and I pray the 2 injured are okay. I do wonder if any other extenuating circumstances that may have contributed. In the crosswalk or using the crossing signal near the bus stop across from Publix? Hopefully the grandmother was teaching the 2-year old how to use the crossing signals. Hoping even more they find the driver and use them as a speed bump.

    Maybe it’ll get GPD’s attention if it occurred at the light though. People run red lights all the time on Main St. (Especially Main & University.)

  • Our judicial system needs to enact severe penalties for hit and run. And it needs to be posted on billboards around town. Maybe some of the ego driven greedy lawyers can share one of their billboards.
    Hit and run is a disgusting cowardly act.

  • If it was a blind spot situation, driver should say so. Detectives must verify if true, however.

  • It’s no consolation that there’s good reason to believe that the perpetrator will be caught, I just wish this non-stop reckless driving incidents in the Gainesville area would stop.

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