Election results: Penny, Farnsworth, and Potts win municipal elections

Alachua City Hall (Photo credit: Michael Rivera, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Mjrmtg)



Ed Potts won the election for City of Alachua Seat 2, with 715 votes (53%) to Gregory Pelham’s 625 (47%). Potts will be sworn into office during the regular City Commission meeting on April 25, 2022, at 6 p.m.


Incumbent Kathy Penny defeated Shaun Willis with 84% of the vote.


Incumbent Monty Farnsworth won a narrow victory with 258 votes (43%), compared to 255 (42%) for Mark Allen and 91 (15%) for Walt Boyer. The City of Newberry only requires a plurality to win, so there will be no run-off.

  • So many people only vote in the presidential year elections. Yet, the local elections affect our daily lives significantly, and we can make more of an impact there. This certainly show us that *every vote* is crucial…

  • Hopefully, they‚Äôll be some decent candidates for Gainesville City Comm. All current seat holders are corrupt and ignorant IMHO, actually 90% of pubic opinion. Led by a liar whose city bio still says he is a teacher when he was let go a year ago. Also claimed to be an economics professor who has only a history degree, not even a minor in economics. Sets a bad example for all citizens. And his cohort who claimed minority status because his one-time step dad‚Äôs last name was Santos. Has never had a real position outside gov. Appointed as finance rep on Career Source board and took him 5 months to bankrupt it and refuse to provide records to state investigators. Great!

  • Qualifying¬†for¬†the¬†2022¬†Gainesville¬†city¬†election¬†is¬†from¬†noon¬†Monday,¬†June¬†13,¬†2022¬†–¬†noon¬†Friday,¬†June¬†17,¬†2022

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