Everyone at ASO knows who wears the emperor’s clothes!


  • The body builder dude is gonna be MAD about your depiction of him in this cartoon…….He’s in much better shape than that!

    • Lol Gvl Gym member. Like you, I recall working out there and seeing Clovis for hours IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY when he had other high ranking government jobs. Lazy, stupid and useless.

  • I’m pretty sure he likes the depiction. He’s never been especially fond of wearing the uniform.

  • People at ACSO is racist, sad… I am not saying I am a fan of Clovis Watson Jr., however I am saying ASCO is racist. Not all of them there are quite a few. Focus on the crime in Alachua. The young people are out of control

    • So the people at ACSO is racist . Maybe ARE racist would be better understood. Even though it is a untrue statement. Why would you want them to concentrate on crime and young people if the people at ACSO is racist as you say. Clovis Watson is a huge problem. No one seems to remember the turmoil he caused for the city of Alachua. Also he was never that great as a law enforcement officer or a politician. Rhino turn demoncrat.

  • A true example of how incompetence screws up and moves up. Only cares about lining his pockets and totally disrespects ASO employees.

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