Everyone in Alachua County, regardless of party registration, can still vote for school board and judicial seats


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – With only Election Day remaining, turnout for No Party Affiliation (NPA) and other party registrations is running far below Democratic and Republican turnout, possibly because those voters typically don’t typically vote in primaries. However, these voters can vote in all four of the school board races and one judicial race; voters who live in the City of Gainesville can also vote for mayor and for their district representative if they live in Districts 2, 3, or 4.

As of the end of Early Voting today, turnout is 19.76% for Democrats, 16.07% for Republicans, 6.6% for NPA, and 8.39% for others. In Alachua County, 47.9% of registered voters are Democrats, 27% are Republicans, 23.5% are NPA, and 1.7% are registered in other parties. 61.1% of the ballots cast so far were cast by Democrats.

For voters who don’t already have a mail-in ballot, the only remaining opportunity to vote in this election is Tuesday, August 23, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at your assigned polling place. More details can be found here.

Our voting guide can be found here.

  • If good people would just show up and pick the best candidates, we would have a totally different and much better city.

      • (Make Sure to watch what “LackOfCriticalThinking” stops selling after “Election” Day)

          • “Lack of thinking” is selling a load of crap…
            The problem with the pie chart is the demographics. Not always the best candidate wins.

          • The problem isn’t the pie chart. The problem is the people who make up the demographics depicted in the pie chart.

            That large group of individuals represented by “blue” really don’t know any better and unfortunately, they lack the intelligence to know anything other than what they’ve been indoctrinated with. That despite the credit some community leaders give them.

          • Yes. That’s right…there needs to be more orange because those are the more intelligent & personally responsible…The blue has more psychological problems & sexual dysphoria…they can’t even define what a woman is. They like free stuff…the mob. The orange is the host & the blue is the parasite, flea, or tick.

          • blue wear face masks…the face mask is like the commi flag… fascist control freaks.

          • The “gray” is not swayed by PentagonTV and MassMindControl and problem-reaction-solution Hegelian Dialectic

    • What about Arreola’s bf/roomie? Isn’t he in charge of tabulating the votes? People should sue for hand recounts if there are irregularities.

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