FDLE arrests Bell man for sending lewd photos to a child


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Anthony Dale Douglas, 22, of Bell, turned himself in to the Alachua County Jail today after FDLE agents charged him with transmitting harmful material to a minor by electronic device.

FDLE began its investigation in October after receiving a report that Douglas sent several lewd and indecent photos of himself, wearing only his underwear, to a pre-teen girl. 

If you have additional information about Anthony Dale Douglas and possible criminal acts involving children, please contact FDLE Jacksonville at (904) 360-7100.

  • Numb-skull! When will they ever learn. Hopefully he’ll grow up by the time he gets out of prison, and this will be his only incident.

  • Bell must be both boring and new to the intertubes, since nobody else could be that ignorant.

  • These cho mo’s need street justice. This pervertism is getting way out of hand. I’m sick of reading about this everyday.

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