FHP seeks information about March 24 motorcycle crash on Williston Road

Press release from Florida Highway Patrol

MICANOPY, Fla. – Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) seeks any information the public may have about an unknown make and model silver-colored SUV that caused a traffic crash on Friday, March 24, 2023, around 10:00 p.m. The crash involved a motorcycle occupied by a male driver and female passenger and took place at the intersection of SR 331 (Williston Road) & US Highway 441 when the SUV turned left in front of the 2003 Harley motorcycle. 

When the motorcycle rider took evasive action to avoid the SUV, he lost control of the motorcycle, causing both riders to be thrown across the roadway. The driver sustained minor injuries, but the motorcycle passenger is in critical condition.

Tips or any other information about the driver and or silver SUV that caused this collision is asked to call their local Crime Stoppers, *FHP, or the FHP Regional Communications Center at 1-800-387-1290.

  • Prayers for those two in the accident! I pray they find the driver of the SUV. I hope that person at the very least loses their license and does jail time for not stopping at the accident!!

  • I guess it’s just par for the course in the world we live in that someone would hit a motorcycle and leave the scene. Anyone who would do this is an evil coward. I hope they find this slug and put it in prison.

    Prayers for the lady’s recovery.

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