Figuring out the factors contributing to shootings


  • If Harvey is the one trying to figure it out, we can look forward to many more shootings before he has an answer.

    Thanks Jake! Always nice to see your art be an accurate representation of the incompetent leadership found within Alachua County’s borders.

  • You should send the commission a box of Clues. They otherwise will not have any.
    Do you suppose they are capable of understanding your satire?

  • So sad that Gainesville is led by this buffoon. Worse is that he was actually voted in legitimately, instead of the less than 10% Poe received. I guess those voters like the crime, bums and their trash, high cost of living, and restricted streets.

    • It’s hard telling if he really won since Arreola’s bf is/was in charge of the vote counting technology and Kim “elections is hard” Barton probably has zero tech knowledge to be able to check up on his work.

  • Rock it Jake! The only thing constant in a crime infested city is Fuller.
    City commission is either completely ignorant or chooses to deny the fact they have no idea what they are doing.
    Either way, the crime will continue.

  • Why of course it must be all those ‘violent guns’ going off all by themselves? Need to spend some more taxpayer $$$ on a study to get to the bottom of this.

  • Throw the book at convicted felons that get caught with a gun. Mandatory 5 years and run that ad on RTS buses instead of lawyer ads.

  • It might be productive to see if the perpetrators have anything in common, other than firearms possession.

  • Stop drugs coming into the city,
    In the country and of course alcohol, and keep the shooters and murderers in jail, please, nothing would be changed until they don’t take care of the victim’s families people will go out there and shoot other people 😞 Community would not be safe with allowing prostitution on media and public I have seen many of this in downtown Gainesville, serious actions must be taken.

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