First Lady Casey DeSantis announces Florida becomes first state in the nation to collect cancer recurrence data

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, First Lady Casey DeSantis announced that Florida will be the first state in the nation to collect cancer recurrence data – the Cancer Connect Collaborative’s first action to remove data access barriers for easy and timely research. While a survivor is in remission, the same or a different cancer may recur, called a cancer recurrence. There is currently no collective population-level data system in the United States monitoring cancer recurrence.

“Through this mission, Florida will be the first state in the country to collect cancer recurrence data on a statewide scale,” said First Lady Casey DeSantis. “By having this data reported to the State, this will be a resource to help identify new avenues resulting in better care and treatment standards to help all individuals battling the fight against cancer, regardless of where they are receiving care.”

Historically, cancer mortality and survival data were the focus of cancer research. Now we recognize that it is essential to use cancer recurrence in research to adapt our understanding of the illness, improve cancer care, and inform treatment decisions.

“Fortunately, cancer care has improved and reduced mortality – but the collection of data has not followed this progress,” said State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo. “Through the existing structure of the Florida Cancer Data System, the Florida Department of Health will be working directly with facilities to support data collection, improvement, and analysis alongside the evolution of cancer care.”

“To enhance cancer research and care in Florida, we must look at existing data and determine where funding will be best spent on research,” said Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Jason Weida. “The Agency will work with Florida’s cancer centers to ensure that they are collecting and sharing recurrence data to enhance research. With this step, Florida is leading the nation in cancer research through our partnerships across state government, academia, health care facilities, practitioners, and insurers.”

The Agency for Health Care Administration and the Florida Department of Health have contacted all statutorily-required reporting facilities to receive additional patient outcome data from hospitals statewide, specifically regarding remission, disease progression, and recurrence. To view the letters, click here.

To further Florida’s mission of expanding and improving cancer outcomes in Florida through the Florida Cancer Connect Collaborative, First Lady Casey DeSantis charged the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Florida Department of Health to enhance the foundation of cancer care in Florida.

For more information on the Florida Cancer Connect Collaborative initiative, visit FLCancerConnect.com/Collaborative

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    • Michele Obama was very proud for 1st time to become an American, when her husband became the President.She was also involved in Obamacare.

      • Who cares about what they did the Obamas helped ruin our medical system ! The people that are forced to use Obamacare hate it and all the bureaucratic hoops they have to jump through to get their surgeries! Thank God, the Obamas are gone

        • My wife received Obamacare for 2 yrs because she only worked 31 hrs a week and I am 100% disabled. She had a ruptured appendix if she didn’t have Obamacare she would have had to pay $55,000. for her almost 3wks in hospital. They had to remove her intestines and clean out her abdomen where the poison had spread to. Instead of $55.k we paid $2,200. The Affordable Care Act saved her life and was affordable.
          I have talked to 8 other people who had Obamacare help them a great deal. The people who had this insurance were all hit by the recession and their jobs were either gone or their hours were cut way to much.

        • Hate it? It’s the best thing that has happen to Healthcare in FOREVER!! It has saved MY life and helped millions of others.

        • You sound like you need to sue your school system as you have no idea what you are texting about!!

    • She is a cancer survivor just like my wife. I support her . Don’t you have anything better in your life to complain about?

      • You have balls pal, you complain because someone is trying to stop cancer.

      • I would want the option of opting out of having by personal medical data put in a state wide data base

  • Probably Big Medical and Pharma Don’t want you to know recurrence information.

      • Like Republicans in Florida give a shoot!! Start with chemicals and fertilizers for all their agriculture profits

    • Please note: this is noted as a state of Florida initiative. I think that any study needs input from ALL states & should be part of DOH which has the knowledge/background to identify trends, possible causes, and changes in the health of all individuals. Hope this isn’t a ploy to gain support for one viewpoint, Also hope tax dollars are not collected since many hospitals have files on reoccurence of cancers or different cancers. Also check ages of populace as more cancers are found with older populace.

  • I sincerely hope that this data collection is for its stated purpose rather than being a beta test for other forms of data mining. Examples would be menstrual history on teen age girls, puberty blocking drugs prescribed by doctors or pharmacies who fill the prescriptions.

  • That is wonderful. Thank you for bringing us to the forefront! As a cancer survivor, I have had many questions about recurrence and second cancers!

  • This is happening only because Mrs DeSantis herself had cancer. How long has cancer been prevalent in the State of Florida with nothing by any Governor ever being done? This is a very self-serving act on her part in an attempt to boost her dumb husband’s run for president. As a cancer survivor I appreciate this action, but it is self-serving nonetheless.

    • That’s so negative. Many have cancer and do nothing. Mrs de Santos experience has distinguished a need and she’s in a position to make a difference. Your a survivor did you do anything to make a difference except put the effort down! I’ve survived cancer 3 xs. Thank you Casey for doing something!

    • You must be a newcomer to Florida please do a solo favor and go back to where you came from!

    • My thoughts exactly! I don’t wish any disease on anyone but as a stroke survivor, and a rare type of stroke at that, what family member needs to be stricken to get funding to address stroke due to AVM? I’m only 67 and was doing everything right to stay healthy!

  • As reported by Dr. Mercola, “cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the C0VID shots and are one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that in turn is driving down U.S. life expectancy.” – https://tinyurl.com/4ycn3cmz

    • Mic drop! Hence the reason for the study. So they can identify the ones who have cancer and if they had the Covid shot. All the data they collect that shows a connection cancer/Covid they will use to strengthen the republican stand on the vaccine caused the cancer.

    • Dr Mercola is alternative medicine and spreader of misinformation especially Covid related. Wouldn’t trust

  • The FL DOH also collected Covid-19 data, but released it in ways to push a narrative. And some data only after a lawsuit. Also kept the Surgeon General Rivkees locked in his office and fired the data statistician Rebecca Jones when she spoke out. I’m naturally suspicious about this new initiative.

  • Indeed, data collection is part of it, but if hidden from the public, as her husband has chosen to do with other unfavorable data, it becomes propaganda.

  • Happy to hear of your initiative. Any cancer correlation or research is needed and appreciated.

  • Very pleased to hear of your collaborative effort in cancer research. Any and all avenues should be researched in cancer.

  • Shouldn’t someone’s medical history be private though? How is this data collected and how much personal info is given? Is it just statistics with no personal information? Also how do any providers have the right to share this data?

  • American Cancer Society and Commission on Cancer run a joint program collecting data, including recurrence, from hospital registries.

    Shared Equal Access Regional Cancer Hospital (SEARCH) database provides recurrence information.

    So do the following:

    National Cancer Data Base (NCDB).

    Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEARCH).

    So why does Florida suddenly need its own database? There are many fine, reputable organizations that collect and provide data regarding the risk of recurrence and recurrence of cancer broken down by specific cancers.
    What exactly does ‘remove data access barriers’ really mean? What data is actually being collected? How is it being used and who has access to it? Will it only be used for this stated purpose or is it basically available for any other reason someone invents once it’s in the state system? Does the patient need to consent to the collection of this data, or is it collected without consent. Even though we have HIPAA protection, DeSantis has already shown he has no regard for the Constitution and for individual rights.
    The article is presented to make people think Florida is in the forefront of the war on cancer, and who doesn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want more done to cure this horrible disease? Unfortunately, this looks like one more way DeSatanist is using State funds to bulldoze over the Constitution and our civil rights.

  • That will get shut down by Telco and utility companies when they snap the purse strings shut on DeSantimonious.

  • It’s already hard enough for us to go through things and deal with it on our own and different ways let alone now somebody telling us we have to give up more of our personal information for a study I understand because I’m a survivor but at the same time we have the right to our privacy it’s no one’s right to tell us that we have to tell our medical information for tracking and research. . It’s already a hard enough process for us to go through let alone now you want us to give up more personal information for a study no

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