Fix the Roads!


Editor’s note: We are pleased to announce that Alachua Chronicle will now feature editorial cartoons by Jake Fuller whenever the mood strikes him. 🙂

  • Jake the Reality Snake! You’ve been there for us for so many years. You have meandered you way through the liberal Sun to make a better home within the Friends of Alachua Chronicle.


  • Excellent – as usual. We appreciate you! No one reads the Gainesville Pravda any way. Thanks!

  • Awesome, my wife and I love Jake Fuller’s truth! I have a few of pieces of his work in my office at work. Thanks for picking him up!!

  • Thank you so much!!! I have called Gainesville “Moscow” and The Mulletwrapper I’ve called “Pravda” for over 45 years. Jake has truly been a voice “crying in the wilderness”!!!!

  • Kudos! It’s about time that someone with artistic talent spoke the truth about the corrupt county and city leadership in a medium where it will be appreciated.
    Downside is, the liberal idiots can neither read or understand pictures so I’m pretty sure things will never change.

  • After viewing the other propagandist medium in Gainesville, yes, you guessed it, TV 20, it is quite evident Mr Fuller is another victim of “cancel culture.” Watch your back, coming to your front door soon.
    Sounds a bit like Nazi Germany during the 30s & 40s.

  • Jake, Glad to see the Chronicle picked you up. I had to drop the Sun several years ago. Too liberal and unreadable. This area needs a conservative voice.

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