Florida Moms for America to offer virtual panel discussion on school choice in Florida on April 13

Press release from Florida Moms for America

How will SCHOOL CHOICE IN FLORIDA impact your family? Is it good news for Christian schools and homeschoolers? How can your family receive funding?

Our featured panelist is Alex Newman, an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, speaker, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything he does. He is the president and founder of Liberty Sentinel Media and is a regular contributor to The Epoch Times. He offers many resources for families at https://www.publicschoolexit.com/.

Rebekah Ricks is president of Florida Moms For America and has been working behind the scenes to ensure this legislation is good for homeschool families.

Hosting us is Marina Hofman, PhD, is a university professor, CC+ instructor, and a regular media guest advocating for freedom, families, and women of the Bible.

We are excited to have you join us to interact with our guests and ask questions. Register for the FREE LIVE Zoom on Thursday, April 13, from 1:30 to 2:25 p.m. ET. Limited capacity.


This event is made possible by The America Project, which defends the rights and freedoms of Americans; Florida Citizen’s Alliance, champions for K-12 education reform in Florida; and Partners For Family Values in Palm Beach County. Thank you to our guest partner, Florida Moms For America.

We The People National Panel Discussion addresses major issues of national interest with expert speakers and top media hosts. Our panel will provide the basic information on issues that matter to families across America and answer your tough questions.

  • Public schools were only the latest industry destroyed by unionized Dems. The rust belt auto and steel industries, Broadway and Hollyweird, university campuses, airline service, Amtrak, US Mail, gov’t workplaces, and schools. All degenerated into oblivion by Dems.
    They’re now aiming for retail service and gig delivery jobs, because tips for individual merit should be illegal 🤡👹🤪🤬

  • For the Bible or America …. pick one please. They aren’t the same thing and not all Americans believe in the former.

    • It has relatively little to do with faith based education. The fact is we’re tired of sending our kids to substandard schools that are over crowded with behavioral problems that are unaddressed.

      Parents want something more aligned with their wallets and sometimes their values. They want a place where they feel they have a lot more involved.

      I’m sure you understand, not all Americans want to same thing. But most want something better.

      • Great, then be a responsible parent, get out your checkbook, and send your kids to whatever parochial school that aligns with your values. Get off the marxist train of stealing tax dollars from people who don’t have school-aged children to subsidize the cost of educating yours. If you can’t afford kids without help from the state, then don’t have them.

      • Torpex, read the article. 1 of the 3 guests “seeks to glorify God in everything he does”, while another “a regular media guest advocating for freedom, families, and women of the Bible.” It may be that they don’t have the same goals as you do.

        By the way, a long time since my kids were in school, but I don’t remember any teachers who didn’t encourage parental involvement. The PTA is still a thing, right?

  • Jazzman,

    This movement is a lot bigger than the people mentioned in this article.

    Your kids have been out of the school system for years. Mine are not, so the perspective is different.

    What I do know, is that parents everywhere want the best for their children.

    School choice allows that. If you want to send your kids to a public school, fantastic, if you want to send your kids to a school more aligned in your values and outcomes…fantastic.

    This gives people a choice they might not have had before. In particular, lower income families and those zoned or failing schools.

    • Fine Torpex, but no taxes should pay for schools owned by someone other than the public, and not subject to the same standards and admission requirements as public schools. This will cripple public education as the supporters of the new law intend.

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