Former GPD Chief Tony Jones to retire from City, take on volunteer work for State Attorney’s Office

Former GPD Chief Tony Jones


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Former Gainesville Police Department Chief Tony Jones has decided to retire from the City of Gainesville, effective September 30, but he already has plans to stay active in law enforcement: he was sworn in as a volunteer Investigator for the State Attorney’s office in June.

City Manager Cynthia Curry sent a memo to city commissioners on July 17, announcing that Jones plans to retire on September 30. In her memo, Curry said Jones “has left an indelible mark on the community with his unwavering commitment to our youth, juvenile justice and community policing as a whole.” Jones is currently making $62,000 at the City, although the minimum pay for his position is listed as $150k in a City database. The total savings to the City (with benefits) for eliminating his position will be $74,889.71.

Jones first joined the City of Gainesville in 1975 as a Public Safety Cadet at GPD, retired as a Captain in 2004, and came back as Chief of Police in 2009; he also served as Interim City Manager for a few months in 2005. He is known for his focus on juvenile justice, particularly the Reichert House, which formally ended on May 31, with all associated staff positions ending on September 30.

Jones was reassigned to an Interim Chief Operating Officer position at City Hall in January 2022 and was named the Special Advisor to the City Manager for Juvenile Justice & Community Support Programs in July 2022. Current GPD Chief Lonnie Scott, Sr., was promoted to that position as an Interim when Jones moved to City Hall and as Chief when Jones was named as a Special Advisor. 

Jones signed the Oath of Office and was appointed as an Investigator for the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida on June 23. Darry Lloyd, who will supervise Jones at the 8th Circuit, said Jones will be a Reserve Investigator, an unpaid position that assists with the prosecution of cases. 

Lloyd said Reserve Investigators typically assist with logistical issues on major trials, particularly in coordinating the appearances of law enforcement officers, victims, and witnesses. Reserve Investigators help with travel arrangements, expense reimbursement paperwork, excusal letters for jobs, and interpreters. 

  • Reichert House was a total fail and a huge waste of $$. Good luck with your volunteer career. Hope it doesn’t waste as much $$.

  • Volunteer investigator? Maybe he can solve some of the crimes in Gainesville.
    Start with the City Commission and see if and what they’ve been hiding.

  • That all we need is another idiot working at the State Attorney’s office. It’s not like the criminals don’t get enough breaks now.

  • Check his pension. It’s public record. He was retired and on pension when he was hired as chief. Would be interesting to see what it’s ballooned to with those additional years on chief salary.

  • His emphasis on wrist slapping and mismanagement of Reichert House are a large part of why we have so many gun wielding youths today. Of course, he was helped by gutless politicians, prosecutors and judges.

  • He should be congratulated for making the best efforts. Sadly his career coincided with the cultural decline of youth impressed with rap and hiphop escapism, and family destruction.
    The gov’t cannot put a social worker under every roof. Until the culture changes, gentrification and immigration will continue displacing communities that traded MLK for LBJ decades ago.

  • We shall see what mischief Tony & Darry get into. Darry was a cop at GPD before going to a state job so they have a history.

  • Why do yall keep allowing this man to work in a field he keeps failing at? He is such a disgrace and an embarrassment. He closed the Reichert House because it was about to be audited and he wanted to prevent that because it was going to bring to light his misdoing. Everyone blames the Reichert House and the staff for the closing, but it was actually his leadership that was the downfall. He had a smart young new capable staff that was able to run the program; however, he was so controlling and overbearing that everything went through him, and he rejected new ideas and even things that were policy. he overrode the guidelines. I had just been hired and observed and researched and realized he was the reason for this place’s downfall. we had so many plans to upgrade services to better help those young men. I could never understand why the staff-the men that worked hands-on with the kids worked there because they were so underpaid. Their job was so stressful at times when dealing with those kids. I always wondered why they worked there and stayed for so long. then I realized it was their passion. They really loved those kids. I feel Jones is an idiot. Try having a conversation with him. I don’t see why he is so well loved. I feel it’s because he’s a good freaking politician or this town is full of a bunch of dumb country folk. which the latter isn’t true. I hope not. anyway, it’s ironic as to how he’s stating in a different article that: “With rising gun violence still being a major issue, Jones said he intends to be involved however possible to help reduce the rising statistics when called upon.
    “I’m still going to be involved in the community,” Jones said. “I’m still very concerned about the youth and some of the issues surrounding them.”

    if he thought that, why would he close the Reichert House where the gun violence will be initiated from some. Trust me, I was with those kids daily. and they needed those men at the Reichert house.

    and because of him, instead of being helped they will be arrested.

    but your city officials keep giving this man 3 and 4 jobs and some of the former Reichert house employees are still looking for a job before they are completely laid off on sept 30th.

      • I would love too. unfortunately, I’m still working here. When I find another job outside of here I’d be more than willing to come forward.

  • Why not have a rap concert the same night as UF’s homecoming game when GPD is stretched to the limit?

  • Cynthia Curry trusted this monster. I guess she condone his behavior. Sista how sad.

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