Former UF running back arrested on robbery and aggravated assault charges


Mark Anthony Thompson, 27, was arrested yesterday on two charges of aggravated assault and a charge of robbery by sudden snatching.

Thompson is a former Gators running back who played in the 2016 and 2017 seasons after playing his first two years at Dodge City Community College in Kansas. He went to the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2018. Since then, he has played on practice squads for the Ravens, Lions, Raiders, and Panthers.

According to the sworn complaint that resulted in a warrant for Thompson’s arrest, Thompson allegedly followed the car of two women after a “road rage type incident” at about 1:00 p.m. on November 21. The women reported that he followed their car from the 600 block of W. University Avenue to a parking lot on SW 4th Avenue, where he pulled in behind their car. Thompson then allegedly got out of his car and approached the driver’s side door of the women’s car. The driver opened her door and began recording the interaction with her cell phone.

After a brief exchange of words, Thompson allegedly grabbed the driver by her arms and pulled her out of her car. He also allegedly grabbed her cell phone and threw it, keeping her from calling 911. While this was going on, the passenger got out of the car and stood behind it. Thompson then walked back to the rear driver’s side door of his car and allegedly took out an “AR15 style rifle” that was lying on the back seat of his car. When he did that, he allegedly looked at both women and said, “I should shoot you.”

The report says that an officer spoke with Thompson over the phone, and Thompson reportedly admitted to being involved in an incident with the driver at that location. He also reportedly confirmed that there was a rifle in the back seat of his car, although he denied grabbing it or showing it to anyone. He said the door of the car was open, so the women would have been able to see the rifle.

Based on this information, a warrant for Thompson’s arrest was issued on November 22, with the bail set at $175,000. Attorney Dean Galigani notified the court on November 29 that he was representing Thompson, and he filed a motion to reduce the bond amount on the grounds that Thompson has no prior felony offenses (“Defendant’s criminal record consists of two prior possession of drug paraphernalia charges”), he lives in Gainesville (“Defendant is a professional football player and now trains in Gainesville”), he has substantial ties to the community (some volunteer work is listed, although no time frame is given), and he has a five-year-old daughter. A December 6 hearing on that motion resulted in no action; Judge William A. Davis reduced the bond to $45,000 ($15,000 on each charge) at a hearing on December 13. Thompson was released on December 13 with standard conditions of no contact with the victims and no possession of firearms or weapons.

Thompson also has a pending misdemeanor battery charge with a sworn complaint dated October 28. That complaint has not been uploaded to the public court records, but a criminal summons was issued on December 9 in that case.

  • Another high class loser running around Gainesville preying on women. Why do these people get their bond reduced and let out? He should have to sit in jail and think about where he’s going. Now he can continue to prey on others. I bet we haven’t heard the last of this guy.

  • Judge Davis loves to provide low bail to these scumbags. Sure would be nice if we can relocate them to his neighborhood.

    • A crew cut at jail processing for the mugshot
      Will give them something to remember about going
      To jail…The sheriff should make this mandatory after
      Being fingerprinted and given the striped clothing…
      We want these alleged criminals to remember their visit
      At our jail…

  • I’m sure he has more money and does a lot more for the community than anyone in these comments. I’m also sure that the police made this story worse than what it was. Dude is super cool and doesn’t bother anyone. We don’t even have his side of the story and the police report doesn’t make much sense. It states the girl got out of the vehicle on her own so how did her pull her out? You white people have serious criticism on someone you don’t know and an alleged story. To the idiot saying he preys on women the dude had a long time gf and a daughter. These whites girls are just being whites girls. If he threw the girls phone I’m sure it was because they were trying to make a fool out of him. He shouldn’t have done that but I don’t believe anything after that even happened. Why are these girls not running if he has a gun? If there’s two girls why did he say “I should shoot YOU” (singular)? Where have you seen it said anywhere he has mental problems? You white people own guns and shoot people and it’s okay. All white people have mental problems, it’s called white privelage. Seems like there’s a lot of that in these comments!

  • I hope when these charges are dropped you all eat these words, Marks life is better than all yours. I think that’s the reason you’re mad and none of you would ever say these things a place he would read them lol a bunch of kittens

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