Four teens arrested for breaking into Hawthorne home and stealing seven firearms


HAWTHORNE, Fla. – Austen William Cassels, 18, Roger Dean Miller, Jr., 18, Dajuan Lee Myhand, 18, and an unnamed juvenile were arrested last night and charged with stealing seven firearms from a Hawthorne home.

The homeowner reported yesterday that her house was burglarized and at least seven guns and several boxes of ammunition were stolen, along with a game camera. Other game cameras reportedly showed pictures of three young men, one of whom the victims recognized as Myhand, a friend of their grandson.

Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies made contact with Myhand, Cassels, and the juvenile at Myhand’s home in Micanopy; the deputy reported that Myhand’s clothing matched the clothing seen in the pictures. All three reportedly told the deputy that they and Miller had gone for a late-night ride the previous night in the area of the burglary.

Post Miranda, Myhand reportedly admitted to burglarizing the home and taking the firearms. He gave consent to search his residence, and four firearms were reportedly found matching the description of those stolen from the victim. Myhand has been charged with armed burglary, nine counts of grand theft of a firearm, one count of theft, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He has no criminal history and is being held on $450,000 bail.

Post Miranda, Cassels reportedly admitted burglarizing the home and taking the firearms, along with fuel. Cassels has been charged with armed burglary, nine counts of grand theft of a firearm, one count of theft, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He has no criminal history and is being held on $450,000 bail.

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Post Miranda, the juvenile reportedly admitted that he knew about the burglary but stayed in the vehicle. However, he reportedly admitted helping carrying the firearms from the vehicle to Myhand’s residence. The juvenile was charged with grand theft of a firearm.

Miller was contacted later at an address in Hawthorne. Post Miranda, he reportedly admitted burglarizing the home and taking firearms. Deputies reportedly recovered three firearms in Miller’s possession, and he also reportedly had a game camera taken from the property. Miller has been charged with armed burglary, nine counts of grand theft of a firearm, one count of theft, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He has a juvenile history and entered into a deferred prosecution agreement in March of 2022 for resisting arrest that states it will be revoked if he violates the law during the following six months. He is being held on $450,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    • What kind? About equity or dumb kids doing dumb things.

      Maybe comments about it’s better to lift up another than stoop down to their level. Hard to soar with eagles when you flock with vultures. Parents? Calling parents…

        • Chances are greater one of the parents is in prison/jail/ran away, probably the father. The mother is usually the one trying to make the best with what he left her with.

          Between work, putting food on the table; probably not much time for tending the flower beds.

          • I’m going to assume you’re probably thinking it’s one of the biracial boys parents. Stop Racism

          • Margaret. What racism? Statistics indicate that more fathers leave their children than mothers, whether they’re black, brown or white.
            Stop assuming, better yet, stop indoctrination.

        • Ole cassels boy is just as dumb as the rest of his family. They all have records a mile long.

          • Dumb as they come out in Hawthorne. Do us all a favor and move to Alabama Ole cassels !

          • I’m a PROUD Cassels and do not have a record. I own my house, have a brand new car and 99% sure I have better credit than you all running your mouth. Every family has individuals that give their name a bad rep. That’s all I’m going to say.

          • A trailer doesn’t count as a house. You don’t need credit when you can just pay cash for everything. That boy is going to do some hard time, have fun don’t drop the soap.

          • If they’re not, it sounds as if two parents failed at teaching their child to respect the laws of this country instead of just one being a failure at doing so.

          • The Hawthorne community will sleep better knowing at least ANOTHER Cassel is behind bars. Be better if they’d just ALL move away for good!

    • I don’t know if everyone would agree. Some would argue it is because of the inequalities that are artificially introduced into these young men’s lives that prompted them to break in and steal from a friend’s house. They are not at fault – the system is.

      Theft of a firearm, that’s big time. As in jail time.

      • They are not at fault. That’s the stupidest statement I have ever heard. Get real. They made that choice, now they will face real consequences.

        • Ignorance is bliss isn’t it? You probably won’t figure that one out either.

          • What part am I misinterpreting? You say the system is at fault? Please explain.

          • I said “some” will argue the system is at fault. Did that help genius?

  • These kids needed help long before this happened. Now they will all have felony records. Who will help then find the better path? The judicial system. Hell no. I pray for them. They have no idea how bad they have screwed up. 🙏🏼

    • If they no idea now, they will when bubba turns them out in prison for a pack of smokes. 🍆🍩

  • Sooner or later these country Albert Einsteins will meet a armed owner owner and there may be a very different outcome. Get jobs, plenty of 15 dollar an hour minimum wage no experience necessary out there.

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