Fourth of July message from Mayor Harvey Ward

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Mayor Harvey Ward released the following message today:

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It isn’t just a date on the calendar. It’s a reminder of the courage and vision of those who laid the foundation for the freedoms we cherish today.

Gainesville is a place where independence and liberty are etched into our identity. We take pride in being ourselves. Individuality is embraced. Everyone’s story matters. We are a place of creativity and culture, schools and sports, advocates and authors, worship and song, innovations and academia. We are a vibrant community. We are unified but unique. We embody the meaning of independence.

Today, as we celebrate this defining spirit, please take a moment to honor the many who fought to protect our freedoms. And let’s use this day as a reminder of our continuing journey toward a future without barriers or prejudice, where diversity thrives and each person’s potential is realized to the fullest.

Happy Fourth of July, Gainesville!


  • It’s a shame he has neither the courage or vision to ever sacrifice anything for the freedoms we have. He’s more interested in curtailing our freedoms by committing Gainesville residents to a lifetime of servitude to him and to those like him who come after.
    His hypocrisy is as large as his appetite.

  • What’s surprising to me are all the POS’s who fire off fireworks but won’t fly an American flag.
    Gainesville? Maybe it’s not that surprising.

  • Harvey probably wore a Rainbow-colored shirt for the 4th Instead of one with an American Flag. Why does he have to bring up Diversity? He could have kept it short and sweet, instead of adding propaganda. I am sure he would never shed a drop of blood for this Great Country but would for a cheeseburger.

  • Typical comments from the MAGA creeps who predominate here and in line with their leader who is against diversity but all for divisiveness. See his 4th message for the latest example of his typical ugly thoughts from his diseased mind. Here we even have posters proudly claiming to not be a “commie”, which of course puts him at odds with no one except the governments of N Korea and Cuba, as even the Chinese are no longer communists. Hey, it’s 2024! Wake up.

    Wards comments are in contrast generous, optimistic, and, inclusive, not meant as zingers thrown at anyone but still too much for these chronic sour pusses who think they own patriotism. Yeah, same guys who make excuses for their loser leader’s failed coup, an actual attack on America. Same guy who’s chief of staff and ex-Marine General who gave up a son in Iraq said he called vets “suckers and losers”. Yeah, that guy.

    • Whaaaaaaaaa. The chickens gave come home to roost and you realize now what a loser poor Joe really is. Please don’t blame others for Biden’s handlers for fooling every Democrat and Progressive in the country. We tried to tell you. Everything said to be fake about Joey is becoming truer by the day.

      • All for Biden stepping down after his highly successful 1st term and I hope that happens. How no one in the GOP is calling for Trump to step down is a comment on the low morals and stupidity which rules that party now.

        • “Low morals and stupidity which rules the party”

          OR Maybe, simply shows how much, many, absolutely detest leftwing, authoritarian wannabe vermin and their idiotology! Lesser of the evils is what many vote for!

          • You are welcome.. no one with a properly functioning brain votes for the vermin that you do!!
            Yes, there is plenty of pathetic vermin such as yourself!

    • Neither candidate is capable and/or competent enough to serve as the President of the United States. One may have had the integrity to be President, but he’s forgotten where he left it; the other has probably never had it and before an argument can be made countering that statement, I wonder how many people would be happy letting him go on a date with their sister or daughter.

      Given their ages, the best this country could hope for is both to have coronaries since neither are going to do what is BEST for this country.

    • Plenty of us are awake! We saw what left wing vermin would do if they had the opportunity during Covid. Those thugs would lock down citizens like peasants killing jobs and businesses for whatever reason they decided! Remember, “be a hero, stay home”! Yeah, no thanks… NEVER going to comply!
      It’s you leftists that burn Old Glory, no one with a properly functioning brain considers that “patriotic”… only vermin!
      Generous? Yeah… with other people’s income!
      Optimistic, again… other people’s income.
      “Inclusive” how bout those he’s talking about “pay their fair share”? Oh, not that kind of “inclusivity”!
      The current pos46 was a 2 time loser and a plagiarist.. you talk about a loser!

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