Friends of Springs County sponsoring trash pickup

Press release from Friends of Springs County

Friends of SC, Inc., is sponsoring a trash pick-up day in High Springs on Saturday, January 9, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Volunteers will gather at the Springs County Welcome Center, 18725 N Main Street, High Springs, and then fan out to an assigned area to pick up trash. They will then return to the Welcome Center at noon for hot dogs, chips, and beverages.

Volunteers are asked to sign up here so the organizers have a head count for lunch.

Volunteers are welcome to bring an existing team or join with others at the event, and teens or groups who need community service hours are welcome. Gloves and trash bags will be provided.

  • Oh here we go again more misinformation from the Chronicle about the John Birch Society slush fund.
    There is NO such thing as the “Friends of Springs County, Inc.” It does not exist at the DOS corporate lookup. Jennifer I am ashamed at your sloppy journalism standards. Promoting Lil Timmy’s propaganda without checking.
    There is a new corporation called “FRIENDS OF SC INC”. Started owned and run by Lil Tim as a dictatorship like the county he wants to start.
    “Article IV
    The manner in which directors are elected or appointed is
    Yes, Trumpkins hate democracy and elected officials. Love them some dictatorships. So long as they are the Dictator.
    “Article III
    The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized is
    Notice that no where does he use the words “Springs County” in official paperwork because he KNOWS he is going to get reported and busted for impersonating a State Government agency, which is illegal.
    Happy New Year to the troglodytes who believe they are going to get a John Birch county established.

  • Oops, my bad. It seems I called some nice folks “troglodytes.”
    It was not politically correct to call them that. They are such sensitive snowflakes with really thin skins.
    I should have used their Proper Title, “fringe troglodytes.”
    Happy New Year to the residents of Fringe Troglodyte County.

    • Once.A.Dumb@rse…always a Dumb@rse. Well you started the year off just the way you left the last. Too bad they don’t have vaccinations for being stupid – you could be first in line. I don’t try to be politically correct. I call idiots like you out for exactly what you are; “everything should be free, all about my hypocritical arse, I’ve got mine and you can’t have it, tax everyone else to pay for the laziness of others,” stupid morons that you truly are.

  • Will you be announcing in advance exactly which areas will have this trash pickup?

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