Ft. White man found guilty of sexual battery, will be sentenced to life in prison


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Anthony Gary Smalls, II, 30, was found guilty yesterday of sexual battery with force and kidnapping and will be sentenced to life in prison.

Smalls, of Ft. White, was arrested by the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD) on June 20, 2020, following their preliminary investigation of a sexual battery that occurred near Lake Alice on April 17, 2020. A UFPD Detective collected evidence with the assistance of Gainesville Police Forensic Investigators and sent it to an FDLE laboratory; UFPD also used a sketch artist, and community assistance was valuable in the investigation. Smalls’ identity was confirmed by CODIS, the Combined DNA Index System.

After a two-day trial, an Alachua County Jury deliberated for two hours and found Smalls guilty of sexual battery by use of threat or physical force and kidnapping. Judge Bo Bayer presided over the judicial proceeding. Sentencing is set for December 12, 2022.

Small has two previous felony convictions and served prison time in 2015 for grand theft.

      • Interesting. I wonder why there are sentences “life without parole” like was recently given to Nikolas Cruz?

  • Anthony was abuse when hrs sent him to a abuse and sexual place . Because of children and family services today. He called out for help and cfs didn’t do a thing when he called me at 7 yrs old . Who helped me and him . You didn’t know the story. You don’t know nothing .


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