Gainesville City Commission race goes to run-off


Unofficial results from today’s City of Gainesville Special Election for At Large Seat B show that Cynthia Chestnut leads with 5,400 votes (46.06%), followed by Matt Howland with 4,840 votes (41.28%), meaning that those two will meet in a run-off on January 25, 2022.

Scherwin Henry received 1,236 votes (10.54%), Patrick Ingle received 127 votes (1.08%), and Gabe Kaimowitz received 122 votes (1.02%). Turnout for the election was 13.07% of eligible voters.

  • Chestnut is more of a JFK-type Democrat compared to the AOC-type Democrats like Poe, Saco, and Hayes-Santos. She will put Poe in his place whenever necessary. And Duncan-Walker will back her up. I think having a duo to work against Poe is important at this point.
    Howland is another teacher (like Poe), and he doesn’t come across as having anywhere near the ‘gravitas’ that Chestnut has (he’s more like Eddie Haskell instead of Don Vito or Darth Vader). He’d be ‘ready to learn’ – no doubt – but is that really what we want? I’m going with the old-school experienced Democrat who will listen to the public instead of consultants, not be afraid of Poe, actually DO SOMETHING for the Eastside, try to preserve some of what’s left of the Good in Gainesville, and exercise some degree of fiscal responsibility. And I know she has a high level of intelligence. He can run again, obviously.

  • What’s the old saying?

    “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

    Only time will tell and hopefully there will be greater than the 13% that determines how steep the cliff is we go over.

    Finding it difficult to believe…

  • Both are horrible long term but at least chestnut will be against the 3 White Woke Musketeers (ward, po, and hayes – not a minority as he claims). A stagnant commission with these failures is much better that the ignorant fools passing more troubling mistakes that will have to be in-done. All 3 are unsuccessful failures at attempted careers.

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