Gainesville City Commission will ask County to “follow CDC guidelines”


At the end of today’s Gainesville City Commission General Policy Meeting, Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos said, “I noticed that the County had a meeting about COVID restrictions and maybe loosening things up. I was hoping that we could have a letter from the commission and the mayor to the county commission, asking that they strongly consider following the federal guidelines from the CDC for COVID safety measures and removing any COVID safety measures.”

Mayor Lauren Poe was already nodding: “Happy to write it, no objection. Yeah, that would probably be more effective than me shouting at my TV screen. I will be happy to write that letter. It was a difficult meeting to watch, and I happened to be on Facebook Live while I was watching it, and that meant I was reading the comments as it happened as well, and that was especially troubling.”

Although they didn’t say explicitly what they meant by “following the federal guidelines from the CDC,” most of those who spoke during public comment at Tuesday’s county commission meeting asked the County to remove the mask mandate, and Chair Ken Cornell said he would consider lifting it once vaccines are available to all (the governor announced this morning that will happen on April 5). Most of the comments on the Facebook Live stream similarly were against keeping the mask mandate in place. Hayes-Santos and Poe presumably want to keep the mask mandate in place as long as the CDC recommends wearing masks.