Gainesville employees sue City over vaccine mandate

Press release from Childers Law, LLC

Over two hundred employees and contractors to the City of Gainesville filed suit Thursday, alleging that the City’s vaccine mandate violates state and federal law. The lawsuit claims that an internal memorandum obtained from the City suggests that a “catastrophic” level of terminations would bring the City’s infrastructure services to its knees. It asks for an immediate injunction and for the policy to be vacated.

Local attorney Jeff Childers filed the lawsuit on Thursday afternoon. “Just a few months ago, the City called these employees heroes while they were showing up every day and keeping the water, power, and emergency services running. Now the City calls them the problem,“ he said. The suit alleges that there is no immediate need for a short deadline for vaccination, and there are better alternatives available to the City, such as Florida’s new monoclonal antibody treatment centers.

Employees who joined the suit include firefighters, police officers, electrical workers, and other city personnel. Some employees expressed concern about having had anaphylactic responses to other medical treatments in the past. Others said that they felt that the accelerated timeline for approval of the vaccines made them uneasy. Some of the employees who filed the suit have been vaccinated, but joined because they object to the City’s coercive tactics and believe that the decision of whether to take the vaccine should be an individual choice. Many employees said they had already recovered from COVID-19 and didn’t feel that the vaccines were necessary for them.

The suit is based on two main arguments. First, the employees argue that the City’s vaccine policy violates Florida‘s so-called “vaccine passport“ law that precludes government agencies from conditioning access to facilities and services on a person’s vaccination status. Second, the policy violates the employees‘ right to privacy and right to bodily integrity under the state and federal constitutions.

No hearing has been set yet, but a hearing date is expected to be announced soon. Under the City’s policy, the employees have until October 1 to be fully vaccinated or they will become subject to the City’s disciplinary process, which results in termination.

A copy of the complaint can be found here.

  • Most people are shocked when I show them the Covid mRNA injections were never Intended to provide Immunity or kill the SARS-Cov-2 virus. They are not your father’s vaccine. — The gene therapy “shots” were planned to act like an injected “Tylenol” to reduce symptoms to keep patients out of the hospitals. Dr. Fauci attested to this fact and added that they were working on more vaccines to be released late this year (2021) to presumably provide immunity. Now, anyone who submitted to 2 injections of Pfizer or Moderna are suddenly NOT FULLY “VACCINATED” until they take the “Booster”. — This means that the City commission wil force employees to submit to ther (3) injections since the first injections two failed to sustain symptomatic endurance… So Expect the gold posts to keep moving as the “Great Reset” becomes the NEW NORMAL of non-stop coercion and mind-control. – https://justpaste.it/3ah3l

    • Yep…you said it…it’s great reset. Global totalitarianism…
      The prison planet. Getting hit by an asteroid is better
      Than a one world government with Satan in control…
      Mark of the beast…

    • I’m certainly shocked … that anyone believes you. Everything you said is utter BS. The vaccines are proven to provide an immune response. They are NOT gene therapy. The mRNA is flushed in a couple of days. None of your genes are altered.
      Fauci didn’t attest to any such thing. That’s a lie. A booster is required because of a new variant. That’s what happens when people ignore medical recommendations and leave a virus to fester in 4 billion petri dishes. Read the news. Goal posts. What mind control? Sheer idiocy.

      • Do your research before you show your ignorance. Start with Israel, then Britain.

        • Smasher Research over sea countrys??? WTF? Just look in Gainesville. 99.9 percent of covid hospital patients in CIU are unvaccinated. Where I work all the ones that ended up in the hospital where unvaccinated on a ventilator and most almost died. Only one vaccinated got sick and just stayed home like with mild flu. Take your ignorance back to Europe with you!

  • Proud of these folks in our city! This gives me hope for Gainesville. This may not be the popular choice or understood by everyone, but I believe it is the right choice. Bravo! 👏🏻

  • Hey, you 200 employees & contractors who are filing
    Suit over the vaccine mandate…one of y’all open
    A go fund me account so we can coordinate the
    GNV Freedomfest 2021 from City Hall to the Hippodrome…as soon as an account is established,
    I’ll donate $500…my body, my choice! No masks, no shots! Freedom of choice! Liberty! Down with tyranny!
    No clot shot! Masking kids is child abuse!, etc.

    • Plan the strike for the deadline of Oct1. No one show
      For work. Everyone invited downtown to protest…start
      Talking about it on social media…I stand with you in
      Solidarity my brothers and sisters…god bless America
      And the US constitution. Down with medical tyranny.

  • So Candace you believe we should be able to govern our own bodies? I hope you don’t believe that you should be able to govern my body….if I decided to have an abortion. That’s my right….or are you only concerned with yourself? You should meet my dad, he got covid while in the hospital with pnemonia, now he’s got covid again and is in lockdown in a nursing home as it’s spreading through it. He might die alone and he fought in the Korean war for you to sit here talking about fighting for your rights, yet you can’t be bothered to cover your mouth

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