Gainesville man arrested after multiple attempts to stop his car by two different agencies


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Roderick Rayshard Mabry, 36, was arrested early this morning after eluding both Gainesville Police Department (GPD) and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO) officers trying to stop his car.

Mabry had an active warrant for robbery and felony battery from June of 2022, and law enforcement received a tip after midnight last night that he was seen driving a silver Dodge Charger. A GPD officer saw the car at the CVS on SW 13th Street and waited for more officers to arrive. Once backup arrived, the officer attempted a felony traffic stop near the 300 block of SW 5th Street. The Charger slowed and activated its hazard lights as if it were about to pull over, then it drove east in the westbound lanes of SW 2nd Avenue.

The officer stopped pursuing the Charger and put out a notification to other patrol officers to watch for the car. After a second attempt by GPD to stop the car, an ASO deputy saw the Charger and tried to stop it in the 2000 block of NW 34th Street. The Charger reportedly fled at a speed above 90 mph toward Archer Road. The pursuit was canceled again because of the reckless driving of the suspect.

The Charger was located again in the area of SW 13th Street, and tire-deflation devices were deployed near 1600 W. University Avenue; the devices worked, but the car continued driving at about 25 mph. At this point, the Charger was driving east on SW 4th Avenue, and an ASO deputy tried to block the car with his patrol vehicle. The Charger reportedly hit the front of the patrol vehicle and continued southbound on SW 7th Terrace, then turned west on SW 5th Avenue. ASO was able to conduct a PIT maneuver in the area of 700 SW 5th Avenue and successfully stopped the Charger.

Mabry was reportedly the driver and only occupant of the Charger; he was arrested and transported to a medical facility, and while there, he asked to use the restroom. While he was in the restroom, deputies reportedly found 119 grams of MDPV that had been hidden in his underwear when he tried to flush the drugs down the toilet three times.

Mabry has been charged with three counts of fleeing, one count of fleeing at high speed, one count of driving without a valid license, one count of possession of trafficking amounts of phenethylamines, and one count of trying to destroy evidence. He is also being held on two counts of robbery and two counts of battery by someone previously convicted of battery. He is being held without bond because he was reportedly too intoxicated to appear in court; bond will be set at a later time. He has 15 felony convictions along with a juvenile history, and he has served four state prison sentences, with his most recent release in November of 2021.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Bath salts. I bet the same guy is deathly afraid of LSD, but the face-eating, dangerous-driving crazy drug… no problem!!

  • One can’t help but wonder if the State Attorney’s Office would prosecute these criminals for at least one crime instead of adding all the “fluff” that some of these criminals would stay where they belong – in an 8 x 6 cell.

    • He’s guilty of all the charges.
      He should serve time for all the charges. Maybe they should do the same with career criminals like how they do at the dog pound.

  • Based on recent articles I’ve read here, he’ll probably be released in 40 days when they fail to bring charges against him.

  • After reading the account of the apprehension, the conclusion could be made that K-9 Ranger responds better to orders than Mr. Mabry did.

    Why is that?

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