Gainesville man arrested for armed robbery of Publix


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Hunter Kaleb Burton, 23, was arrested late last night after allegedly demanding money from a Publix cashier while displaying a gun.

A Gainesville Police Department Officer responded to the Publix at 3930 SW Archer Road at 9:56 p.m. last night following a report of a robbery. Employees at the store told the officer that the man had been in the store for over an hour before approaching a cashier and demanding two cash register trays from him. The man reportedly lifted his shirt to show the cashier his holstered firearm in his waistband.

The cashier gave the man one tray containing $661.00 and a second tray containing $1,029.07 in cash and $48 in postage stamps. The man then reportedly took the two trays out to his truck.

Officers used video footage to identify the truck as a silver Dodge Ram, and patrol units began looking for the truck. A truck matching the description was found in a nearby CVS parking lot, and officers made contact with Burton as he walked out to the truck. During the conversation, Burton reportedly stated that he was armed, and a loaded firearm was subsequently found in his waistband. Officers also reportedly saw a hat in the truck matching the description given by Publix employees, along with two cash register trays.

Post Miranda, Burton reportedly said he took the money because he needed to keep a roof over his head and that he had gone to CVS to pay his rent with the cash he had taken from Publix.

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Burton has been charged with armed robbery and grand theft and remains in the Alachua County Jail. Burton has no local criminal history; bail information is unavailable on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    • He should of robbed a drug dealer. There’s plenty of those at the motels just half a mile from there.

  • Life is full of choices…he obviously made the stupid one. There’s obviously not an equity differnce in stupid.

    On a side note, he said what I hope the city and county leaders heard: “Needed to keep a roof over his head.”

    Record inflation combined with local taxes and utility rates likely played a role despite their false claims of making housing affordable.

    Keep believing those you just elected and re-elected to office. I’ll listen for the whining later.

    ‘Bout all needs to be said ’bout that.

  • It amazes me how people wait till they are in a desperate situation before looking for an out to a problem thats been building up.

    • Not sure, but if this is the same guy on FB, he has a job, a fiance who has a couple of jobs and is in school, a child—-a family trying to make it. You are right…how could he jump to this solution?? With gun use, he will surely do jail time and have a felony record.

      • Hi suze I’m the fiancé and he had postpartum psychosis and he snapped we noticed a change for months that worsened I wish we got help.

  • I am not a democratic or a liberal. But cities that are run by maga conservatives don’t have less crime than liberal cities by Capita. This idiot could have gotten help from social services or Catholic charities. They helped me when I became unemployed and couldn’t pay my rent. There is no excuse for crime
    It’s always wrong.

    • Latest word is the charities are tapped out. And single men are the last to get help, unless it’s from a veterans charity. Welcome to wokeville, “there’s programs to help” fiction.

  • Biden completely sucks
    But there is help available to single men and to struggling families But churches and private non profit organizations are the answer and solution. The state and county governments are indeed broke and tapped out.

  • In a good local economy like a normal thriving city, people have extra money to donate to charities who help those in need. Here, all your extra money goes into the tree burning plant and catering to the wants and needs of vagrants from across the country. I doubt sack-of-s*** Ward is going to do much to help the local economy or that he would even know how to help.

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