Gainesville man arrested for DUI hit and run after side-swipe accident that sent one person to the emergency room

Staff report

ARCHER, Fla. – Adam David Vandevelde, 32, was arrested early this morning after allegedly side-swiping another vehicle in Archer, sending the driver of that vehicle to the emergency room, and then leaving the scene. Vandevelde was reportedly impaired but refused to perform field sobriety exercises or take a breath test.

At about 11:35 p.m. last night, Vandevelde was reportedly driving a pickup truck east on SR 24 near the intersection with SW 143rd Street when it side-swiped a sedan traveling east, causing severe damage to the left side of both vehicles. Vandevelde reportedly continued driving, although the truck was missing its front left wheel, until he pulled over about 800 feet from the accident.

The driver of the sedan was transported to an emergency room, and Vandevelde allegedly fled on foot from where the pickup truck had stopped. Two Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies reportedly found him about half a mile east of the crash, walking on the footpath along SR 24.

Vandevelde is the registered owner of the pickup truck and reportedly had the keys in his pocket. He reportedly kept changing his story, first saying he had not been involved in a crash at all and then saying he had been run off the road. Deputies reported that he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and that his eyes were red and bloodshot.

Deputies transported Vandevelde to a safe place and asked him to perform field sobriety exercises, but he reportedly refused and said he wanted a breath test. However, he reportedly refused to take a breath test three times after arriving at the jail.

Vandevelde has been charged with driving under the influence with damage to property and leaving the scene of a crash with serious injury.

Vandevelde had a prior DUI in New Mexico in 2019 and has been in this area for three months. Judge Thomas Jaworski released him on his own recognizance to Court Services for alcohol abuse treatment and ordered that he be fitted with a transdermal alcohol monitoring device.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    • I question the competency of any Judge that ROR’s somebody that commits a hit and run. The Gainesville area has enough of a problem with incompetent drivers living in the area as it is.

  • Your Driving Privileges in Florida are Now Suspended !!!
    The DMV and criminal traffic division here in Alachua County is about to have that a$$.
    Liens will be placed of what’s left of your truck, IF you even get it back from Watson’s/Elite impound yard.
    They will wait you out whilst you serve the 30 days mandatory for second offense DUI’s in Florida. Watson/Elite/Ultimate will get the title transfered to them as a direlict motor vehicle, and then they will tow what’s left of it to one of the local scrap yards where it will be crushed and sent to China. Your truck will then ultimately come back to Wal Mart as pretty lawn furnishings.
    Liens will be placed on your driver’s license privileges in lieu of the injuries and damage to the other two vehicles.
    Second DUI charge inside 5 years of the first charge from New Mexico…. in Florida ???
    And you didn’t blow? Refusal to blow is an instant suspension scooter.
    Didn’t you read that on your Florida DL’s?
    Dude, you might not ever drive legally again.
    You kids just don’t think.
    In today’s time, if you drink and drive and get caught, it’s gonna cost you upwards of $15,000 just to satisfy a simple “I was swerving and got pulled over” DUI 1st offense with no other vehicle involved crash.
    May I suggest you go the the office of DMV Administrative Hearings off NW 13th at Bank of America, on the second floor. I recall as per the DMV Administrative Hearings Offices, you have 10 calendar days from the date of the DUI arrest to apply for your “Temporary Hardship Work Purpose Only” driving privileges.
    That option is only available “if” the first appearance judge “didn’t” or “missed” ordering your driving license privileges suspended on a county level. Not to mention the interlock device you gonna have to have if your case even allows that as an option to you.
    Dude, You Done Royally F&%¥ed Up!!!

  • Seems like a pretty light sentence for a second DUI and leaving the scene of a serious accident.

  • Second DUI, fled a traffic accident where someone was injuried without rendering aid. Refused sobriety tests and breath test, and only been in area 3 months. He could have killed someone. Tommy Boy just when we thought you were getting with the program on tighter bail, you failed again.

  • This kid has a full time job. Or rather, Court Services at the Jail determined he has a job at the time of the arrest. Ergo, ROR. If the guy had no job, he would have stayed in the clank
    (Somehow, somewhere the guy has a job)

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