Gainesville man arrested for raping woman in homeless camp while his baby was nearby in a stroller


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – William Ronald J. Gibbons, 46, was arrested early this morning and charged with attempted sexual assault, aggravated battery, robbery, obstructing justice, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The victim told a Gainesville Police Department officer that she lives in a homeless camp near the 100 block of NW 39th Avenue and that she has seen Gibbons in that area several times over the past few days. The victim reportedly said that every time she has seen him, he propositioned her, sometimes offering her drugs for sexual activity. She said she has always refused and walked away from Gibbons.

She said that she saw Gibbons again last night, and he grabbed her under her shirt, taking some cash and her identification that was tucked into her bra; none of these items have been located. She then reached into her purse for her cell phone to call for help, and Gibbons allegedly took the phone from her. The victim said that a struggle followed in which Gibbons strangled her and burned her with a lighter he was holding.

Gibbons was located at an apartment complex across the street, and he was positively identified by the victim. The victim reportedly had injuries consistent with her account.

Gibbons has a disabled 2-year-old child, and the victim reportedly said he was pushing the child in a stroller when he came into the homeless camp. The police officer reported that he was still pushing the child in a stroller when he was located.

Post Miranda, Gibbons reportedly said he had walked with the child near the homeless camp and had seen the victim but had only spoken with her. He is being held on $130,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • A homeless camp? I thought Grace marketplace was there to cure that….Did GPD tell the homeless camp they had to go to Grace & if not, then why? Can GPD keep the panhandlers out of the medians? They need to start making arrests.
    The city is liable if a panhandler gets hit in the median like the city is liable if a scooter driver hits a sewer lid.

    • Grace marketplace Only houese a certain amount of people there is constantly a waiting list. Previously ppl were allowed to camp there outside the gate but that was only a temporary provision until the county could come up with another option. When it ended the ppl who weren’t in the program yet we’re made to leave and some of them have had to live in other tent cities that arent protected

      • As I looked at the different mayoral candidates I didn’t see any talking about the homeless problem, as if there isn’t one. Money needs to be channeled toward more shelters and then panhandling rules enforced. Rules are rules and there’s money out there but for some reason doesn’t get spent in more shelters. I’m tired of seeing our beautiful cities trashed by the homeless!

  • Talk about multigenerational bad seeds. Where are DCF agents when we need them? Are they being bribed by GRACE bail bondsmen, public defense lawyers and judges to look the other way, too?

  • Let’s just say it’s unlikely he’ll be offered any babysitting jobs. Just another example of the beginning of moral decay in society. Obviously not something we want taught to children.

    A travesty the child was exposed to such a terrible act of violence, there are far better things they could have been enjoying together.

  • Face facts: A large part of the poor, needy “homeless” are bad people who commit crimes, repeatedly spend any money they get on drugs and liquor, and choose to have no responsibilities. Most won’t work if you gave them a job tomorrow. Gangsville attracts deviant losers like this nut with all their sympathy and handouts.

    • A person was raped and property was taking away from them. This has nothing to do with work the man that did it should have had a job instead of prying on the homeless. He might have hurt a lot of innocent people and they never came forward. Just saying who are we to judge

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