Gainesville man arrested in connection with multiple shooting incidents at Harbor Cove


Angel Gregorio Polanco, 32, of Gainesville, was arrested today on two sworn complaints related to firing weapons.

The first sworn complaint was filed on August 24 when a resident of Harbor Cove Apartments, 6815 W University Avenue, contacted the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office regarding a gold Ford Fusion that drove by her apartment. According to the complaint, the driver of the vehicle shouted obscenities and attempted to argue with her, then drove around once again and shot several rounds toward two women. Two children were nearby, and one of the women had just taken them inside before the shooting. A third child was still in a nearby car. The driver was known to the women from previous altercations.

The deputy found a shell casing on the ground in front of the residence. An additional woman and a total of five children were inside the residence when the shooting occurred; the woman declined to file charges for herself and her two children, so 6 charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of firing into an occupied dwelling, and one count of discharge of a firearm from a vehicle were filed.

The next day, the deputy located the gold Fusion in front of Polanco’s apartment at the same complex. However, a woman inside the apartment said that Polanco was not there.

On October 9 at about 7:13 p.m., a deputy responded to a report of shots fired at Harbor Cove Apartments. When the deputy arrived, he found a black Dodge Charger with two bullet holes. The victim said he had been driving through Harbor Cove and that Polanco had argued with his passenger, saying he owed him money. Then the victim said he saw Polanco running around the corner of the apartment building, so the victim kept driving and then saw Polanco running at him with a gun. The victim said that Polanco fired multiple shots at his car while he was in the driver’s seat.

Deputies located multiple shell casings near where the victim said the shots were fired. The victim identified Polanco in a photo line-up, and Polanco has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, firing a weapon on public/residential property, and shooting into an occupied vehicle, along with the charges from the previous sworn complaint.

Polanco also has an open case from an April arrest in which he was charged with property damage after allegedly striking a vehicle with a pipe. Polanco posted $10,000 bond in that case. Bond is currently set at $1,625,000 in the August 24 case and $625,000 in the October 9 case.

  • I wonder what the story is behind the children, was it a babysitting situation or all by the same mother, different fathers? If so, there’s more motive about “owing money” in the mix. This is why we need housing for single, childless adults — no couples or “families” (deed restricted) — for $100/mo mortgages, owner-occupied (no rentals) in HOA self-governed, security gated and fenced off developments (to prevent domestic violence, babies and crime). Until such single adults have matured enough to support a family legitimately. This would reduce a variety of social problems, deadbeat dads, court, probation, lawyers, jails, prisons, section 8s, and childhood delinquency, mental illness, drugs and other social ills — in one generation.

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