Gainesville man arrested on multiple rape, battery, and kidnapping charges


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – George Alexander Diaz Menges, 30, was arrested this afternoon and charged with four counts of sexual assault, two counts of aggravated battery with bodily harm, one count of kidnapping, and eight counts of battery.

The only information Alachua County Sheriff’s Office will release is that Menges attacked and raped an acquaintance on September 25. The warrant recommends bond of $1,530,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

      • No, unfortunately I’m not and will never be, I’m just Pro “Eye for an eye” so put that in your pipe and smoke it buddy.

        • But you literally said you hope he gets raped. You’re actually rooting for it to happen. Who do you propose carries out your stated wishes of rape? And what becomes of that person after they’ve leveled the “eye for an eye” scorecard on your behalf? You’ve either created a brand-new rapist or reinforced the “justice” of rape in someone who’s previously committed that act.
          And if no one agrees to do your dirty work, are we to assume you’ll step forward to do this to him yourself?
          Either way, your proposed idea sounds horrible, and I’m concerned about you. Take some time to reflect on yourself.

          • The prison system will take care of him i promise, he’s going to look beautiful to one of those guys in there serving a life sentence for their heinous crime. What would your punishment be for this POS? Put an ankle monitor on him and give him community service hours at an elementary school? Certainly you think trash like this can be rehabbed correct? As other commenters have stated on similar articles as this one this guy deserves to be fed to a wood chipper. If he did what he’s accused of to somebody you know I’m sure you would feel the same way.

          • Why are you so intent on raping him before putting him in the woodchipper? This is odd.

          • You seem oddly into the idea of prison rape. You’ve mentioned this a couple of times now. The person in your mirror would like a word.

      • I am pro rape for thugs that do this to a child or woman who isn’t interested and says no. Lifer prisoners need new “girlfriends” once in a while and this kind of thug can get a taste of their own medicine! Hope he enjoys it!

  • Speaking of rape, the city commission continues to rape the citizens of Gainesville.

    When are they going to be arrested?

    • Thumbs down?!? Nice! The libertards still read the Alachua Chronicle to get real, unfiltered news.
      Unfortunately the idiots still voted to keep some of the other idiots on the commission.

      • Yes, few of the radical leftist lame media have comment sections so they hang out on truthful sides to bash even the slightest criticism of Joe&Hunter Xi , AOC VC (viet cong), and other criminals.

    • This is serious. This guy violated and beat someone. If you have issues with the city, which I do too, take it to them. This is not the venue for that comment, and the city likely would not read it making your complaints mute.

      • Change the channel if you don’t like my comment. It’s America, you have that choice…

        • Calls someone “libertard” then immediately appeals to the liberal notion of choice…

          This is why the Right isn’t winning. You complain about the left while operating exclusively within their framework.

          • Didn’t call a specific person a libertard, just the ones who can’t get the relationship of being raped by the city. If you were one of the people who voted for the commissioners who doubled their salaries, you’ve been counted.

      • Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know the city already mutes citizens who don’t share their visions.

        See single family zoning, salary increases, GRU rates, street maintenance, etc…

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